x-plain NZ designer brand buys && evening fun

At the university my mom works, there’s this admin/PA who dresses in 100% designer clothes. TBH I didn’t really know about this, but today my mom said that lady had recommended an outlet store on 7 Triton (Rosedale) that opened not too long ago.

I was pretty skeptical cause my taste in fashion is pretty….different from most NZers .-.

BUT the store was actually super nice!

The interior design was super minimalistic but bright and fresh and spacious~
For once, my mom didn’t complain about waiting for me to try clothes. She usually hates the stores I go to and would never wait for me >>”

The clothes in the store weren’t that cheap, they were all indie NZ designer brands. But the selection of items there were all really nice. The overall style concept of all the clothes in the store is probably retro/hipster/high fashion. It’s an interesting mix, but I will definitely visit again!

I splurged quite a bit today. Not something I’m particularly proud of, but the quality of the clothing was so nice, and the design so unique that I had to buy them! Besides, the clothes my mom buys are about this price anyway >> << >>

So I bought one jacket – the Kibosh Jacket (link is to the brand’s e-store), and one skirt – Boggie Skirt.

love the asymmetrics on this jacket and the mix of textiles!!

without chiffon attachment

long chiffon attach

base skirt

shorter chiffon attach

nice minimalistic packaging ~

the designer of the shop, which also sells other brands such as the one I bought o.O

I super loved that the jacket and skirt had detachable areas which completely change the look! The design is just so awesome, it was totally worth the $170 I paid! (Yes, in store price was even lower than the webstore 50% off price!!!)
So all in all, my wallet is bleeding, but I’m feeling pretty smug. These pieces definitely improve the style of my “normal” wardrobe~
KTV & Pool
Man it feels like forever since I last went ktv!! Actually I went several times before uni started. There was a period where I just wanted to sing so much hahaha
Anyway this evening, went KTV with some friends and met many new people *o* Funny story, some of the friends I did know were from online gaming years ago! It’s so awesome to meet up again offline and have mutual friends from offline wtf haha
So we went ktv and played pool after, and it was so much fun! Pool was so competitive lol. We booked two tables and my table had the most serious game I’ve been in these few years! My team won 5-3 though *hi5 to my awesome teammate RC who totally ownd* >:D
Today was so much fun, I hope there will be more days like this! Hanging out with friends is so rare now wtflol!