Rose Rose Shop unboxing

Early this week, my second massive Asian Beauty skincare haul arrived!!



I placed this order together with three friends on the 16th July, and received the parcel 13 days later on the 29th July.

Usually, parcels arrive on the shorter end of the estimated delivery period, so since I had purchased express shipping which had an estimated delivery of 5-15 days, the 13 days wait felt rather excruciating. Taking into account the fact that they were having a massive sale at the time though, I can’t really complain about the shipping speed because they did make the 5-15 day delivery window as they had promised.


Personally, I felt that the packaging was a little excessive. Yes, bubblewrapping one sheet around three or four jars or bottles certainly ensures that your purchases will not break, but each item has its own original packaging so I don’t think they needed to use as much bubblewrap as they did.

Especially the eyeshadow at 0:50 – they totally could have slid that in safely with the lipsticks imho. In comparison, I felt that f2plus1 / BeautyNet Korea was much more eco-friendly with their packaging, without compromising the safety of the purchased items.


On the 23rd July when Rose Rose Shop shipped out my order, I also received an email from PayPal for the refund of one item from the order. The refund was for the full value of the item itself, and did not include the shipping price for the weight of that item (which, calculated in comparison to the mizon snail recovery gel which has a similar type of packaging should be about 120g) would be just under 2USD, even before taking into consideration Paypal’s terrible exchange rates.


I know it’s not a lot, but if you had multiple items in your purchase which suddenly went out of stock and they only refund you the item price with an apology to the likes of:

“Please note that we calculate the shipping fee by ‘weight of the parcel’
And it is kind of ‘band’ style, like 1601g ~ 2106g,
So sometimes your item is not affected to the shipping fee”

then you’ll probably feel a little irritated too. Even if the shipping price doesn’t change much because the shipping is calculated band-style, certainly it can’t not change at all. Plus the way they refunded it gave me the impression that they had no intention of re-weighing the package at all.


They did end their note on my order with the following:

“If you have any feedback please feel free to contact us anytime. We will do our best to prevent from this matter..”

But would I go back to them on this matter? Nah, I don’t think so. I just won’t order from them again if this is likely to happen.


To finish off, let’s have some actual numbers:

Total price for the products ordered was ~ 200USD

Total shipping price was ~ 55USD

Shipping price/kg was ~ 14USD/kg


All in all, I don’t feel like it was a real bargain for me because the products I ordered for myself weren’t all at huge savings – my products averaged at about 25%~30% off. In addition, the shipping price was pretty high, and the exchange rate for USD to NZD was atrocious (0.609 wtf).


The bright side? They gave a pretty generous amount of samples (20 pieces), and even a full sheet mask (which may or may not have been an offer together with the sale I purchased under).

Plus it’s ALWAYS a fantastic feeling picking up a massive box of skincare like this. Organising group purchases give me so much satisfaction hehehehe



Have you ordered from Rose Rose Shop before? How were your experiences with them, and did you catch a great sale? Let me know in the comments below!