Obligatory self-introduction + photo history ’08-’13

Hi there!

So this blog is called SnowRii’s World (2) because I have another blog called SnowRii’s World (also ‘s World in japanese) but I have no idea what the login for it is, so screw that. I like the name, so I’m keeping it. The previous one is at snowrii.blogspot.com, nothing exciting, there’s literally one post on it for a giveaway. No wonder i forgot the login details LOL.

So anyway, some basic details:


Online Name
SnowRii, Rii, some mix or variation on them (ie. xSnowBerri or xSnowKitty, if you knew me on PWI). I thought it was almost punny cause Rii is from Rina, and snowrii sounds similar to snowy… but apparently no-one except me gets it. Fair point too, I don’t have a snowy complexion wtf, it just sounds pretty okay! T_T

I live here.

Confetti is my official blog site where I post most things. I share the blog with Cora (@corargh, her twitter is the same) and Little (our illustrator who draws sadistically funny comics).

Line Play
I also love this game because it’s completely brainless, and the design is so cute wtf. My avatar is snowii <<<<no r!!!!! Feel free to add me ^^

ummmm what else… its 1.30am and I really should be sleeping. I need to get up for work at 7am but I don’t wanna sleep fml ;;;
Oh yeah, I have insomnia, and self-diagnosed mild OCD and possible attention deficiency of some kind lol. Or maybe I’m just lazy ;;;

Right! The important part to my self introduction:
So I became interested in Gyaru back in 2010ish. I don’t remember where…it was probably SCawaii or some other japanese magazine I saw first. Back then, I wasn’t into any particular style at all, though I remember wanting to dress ‘grown up’ and ‘sophisticated’ or ‘cool’. Yeah them were the myspace days…
And so in 2010, I fully became interested in gyaru,dyed my hair blonde…

JOKES. I lie. I became interested in Asian fashion in general around 2008 (I still have photos. But they’re so gross wtf dig them out of that old OSN platform that was kawaii and you could heart people on if you can find my account). I was kinda into goth, and scene back then but I didn’t know of the term ‘scene’. There’s this super old selfie that may or may not have been the first selfie I took and kept, and I had the darkest goth style eyes lol. Anywho, I had SUPER CRAPPY PHOTOSHOPPING SKILLS back then (and I don’t claim to be good now kthx) so uh, yeah it was pretty awks. Anywho, this photo below is from 2009, and I’m pretty sure those are extensions I’m wearing….

I think I looked pretty chubby-cute here.
and back to 2010, I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair blonde the first time. Goodbye virgin hair.
or I tried to anyway… It ended up just orange-ish. Why was it blonde in my memory? T_T;;
Back then I had so little makeup to play with…How did I get such round eyes le!? Perhaps I photoshopped this photo and forgot ==;
I took a lot more photos in 2010. My first proper photoshoot with a really nice photographer and camera was with my high school friends.
That ridiculous leg-shop lol. I was so not that skinny.
I thought I looked super gyaru here lol
and then became interested in modelling after this photo…
No PS. I was so proud of this photo!
and… I’ll just leave the next three years in a photo dump
Kogal phase?? 2011
got into ulzzang for a bit. 2011, I think was when I had time to waste on FB ulzzang contest pages lol. Somehow I still went blonder at this time o.O
All my photos were photoshopped really hard in 2012… or rather, fail Meitu’ed.
Dat milky skin. mmmmmmmmmmmn…
Have a couple anyway. It’s fun looking through my photo history lol
I really tried to go ulzzang for a bit. Not sure if I really got anywhere though…
Then late 2012, I went blonder still….
and started playing more with eyemake colors. I really drifted away from gyaru…
started buying wigs (2012)

dyed my hair pink and purple. Lifelong dream fulfilled,
though it wasn’t exactly the pastel I really wanted…
and then 2013, the creepycute and pastel grunge came in…
and now I’m primarily back in the gyaru style!
Had to dye my hair dark, and not bleach again.
Mom thinks I’m gonna get cancer from it.
I think I just get dumber ~.~
with セ-ラ and Pattee. This is a wig btw.

The above photo was from a meetup we had with the NZ gyaru group Hana Emi Dolls!

I was so happy to find them this year, fashion and beauty is just so much more fun when there’s people in it with you, and when they’re not halfway across the world!
I love all the gyaru community (with the exception of a few snarky bone-pickers), but it’s just different having a community based in nz!
Oh yeah some advertisement: If you are in NZ, feel free to join our circle!
Continuing on after the super long tangent….

My favourite styles
Kuro (everything except the dark skin. Tan does not look good on me ;;;), and hime.
Though, gyaru is shifting in a way that is really confusing at the moment. I think what I like isn’t hime, but himekaji/romantic.
I also still like pastel grunge (grunge in general)~

My favourite things about gyaru
Makeup (if I had to pick something in particular, circle lenses)
Nails (long and arty please!)
Clothing (in general, because how can I pick something specific!?)

Oh and I’m Chinese, grew up in New Zealand, and I can’t actually speak jap and pretty much can’t read either. #noob

If there’s anything else you would like to know, please comment below and I will reply you + append to the post!


  • You went through so many changes (: <3

    • lol IKR!! hahaha I’m so indecisive and easy to jump ship *sigh* it was fun though xD