No Game No Life [anime]

“Siblings Sora and Shiro are inseparable, both in the real world and in the game world. Their individual skills combined make them an invincible team: Sora, with his astute intuition and penetrating insight; and Shiro, with her remarkable intellect that goes beyond prodigy-level genius. In the real world, they are hikkikomori, reclusive and unsocial, but in the game world, the siblings together form 『  』 (Kūhaku (空白, blank space), a mysterious group of undefeated online gamers who win every game they play with unbeatable scores. Because the account names of the players are always left empty, they become simply known as “Blank”. One fateful day, after beating a mysterious challenger in a game of online chess, the siblings receive an offer from their opponent to be reborn in his world, Disboard – a fantasy world where everything is determined by games. When they accept the proposal, Sora and Shiro are summoned to Disboard by the world’s God, Tet, who they discover to also be their former opponent. Together, Sora and Shiro begin their journey in redeeming the weak human race of Imanity and conquering the world to challenge Tet for his title of One True God.” – Wikipedia

I love how colorful the show is! The graphics are actually really really pretty *v*
This has definitely been THE most enjoyable anime of the season for me.
Even after watching all the other more lighthearted game-type anime (SAO / Accel World), this was still really refreshing! The entire season was just hilarious with all the slapstick and ecchi humor. It’s got a lot of ecchi humor! But it’s presented in a way that’s not even remotely ecchi haha ~

Just don’t watch this on uni computers. I learnt this the hard way after I tried (note: TRIED) to watch episode 6 at uni…

Also, Tenshi told me there are a lot of JoJo references in here! I haven’t personally read/watched JoJo so I didn’t pick anything up, apart from guessing correctly that Tenshi would love this anime too~

Today the 11th episode released, and  it looks like the ‘game’ started at the end of episode 10 will be running into episode 12. Which is pretty darn unfortunate because episode 12 releases the day after I leave for vacation. Like seriously, could my timing be any worse??
On top of that, the season is only scheduled for 12 weeks, SO I CAN’T EVEN COME BACK TO A COUPLE OF EPISODES WAITING FOR ME. T__________T
There will definitely be a season 2, and possibly an endless number of seasons lol. I’m looking forward to seeing the end of the series though, whenever it may be – Yuu-sensei better write a good ending to this story >:l
Well, just wanted to rant a bit on how I will have to wait three weeks to see the last episode of the season haha. But actually – watch this anime if you have time. It’s really funny!
  • Kanan

    ohh..i already wanted see this anime, so now i must watch it!!

  • Yes! Definitely give it a go ^^ the theme is very consistent so if you take a liking to it in the first ep, you’ll probably love it all the way ~