Fukubukuro stalking on the net- day 1413487812

So I am currently googling (yet again) any fukubukuro opening posts that have been blogged since I last checked, perhaps 2 seconds ago.

Jokes, I’ve been staying off that for at least a week already.
Anywho, I don’t usually click the LL posts because let’s face it-why read the blog post when we already know what’s in the fukubukuro? I really want to see the mystery items!
HOWEVER this one blog post on the LL x Melody collab fukubukuro caught my eye. I didn’t realise there was a Melody collab bag!?
and oh.my.god. the contents of the bag are SO CUTE
I have renewed faith in Liz Lisa.
Also, I found the blue luggage carry while hunting for the LL x Melody collab AND IT IS SO CUTE TOO AFIOAWEFNAWFKLWAELWFKA
20,000!? SO WORTH IT. Ok plus shipping, it’s probably around 30,000 but STILL. The items are so cute I can’t even. T^T
Let me just sob my eyes out at these adorable sets I missed.