f2plus1 / BeautyNet Korea unboxing

The first package for my first ever Asian Skincare haul arrived!

f2plus1 (aka BeautyNet Korea) has won the race! Congratulations, have a cookie 🙂


Ironically, I had been waiting all week for it and on the one day I decide to work from home (Thursday) it arrived at my work bright and early – 8:30am OTL


Below is a video of the unboxing:



I was really pleased with the fact that everything was stacked neatly in a box with just sufficient padding. My taobao orders were always over-packaged by the proxy service I use and I absolutely hate throwing away packing products because it’s so wasteful and overdone :/

Apart from the great packing, I was also ecstatic to receive a number of samples and even a full size product gift! Although I don’t believe I will get much use out of the orange tint (I received Tony Moly Delight #3 Orange Cha Cha), it’s still cool to receive a full size product as a gift x.x

The order was really fast – I received an email notifying me that the package had been sent out only one day after I placed the order, and it took a total of 9 days (from the date I placed the order) for the package to arrive!

Considering I’m in NZ and usual shipping is expected to be anywhere between 1-5 weeks, AND the postage for this package was free, I’m pretty darn chuffed!


Products I bought:

f2plus1 beautynet korea ordered products
Missha Time Revolution best seller gift set (2x essence and 2x ampoule) | Mizon snail repair eye cream | Banila Co. clean it zero cleanser | Benton 1+1 snail bee high content essence and steam cream


Extra items I received:

f2plus1 beautynet korea samples and gift
Tony Moly Panda’s Dream white magic cream | Tony Moly Regencia Homme multi fluid | Tony Moly banana hand milk | Tony Moly I’m Real avocado rich cream | Tony Moly Delight #3 Orange Cha Cha lip tint | Skinfood Premium Tomato whitening essence | Tony Moly Intense Care dual effect sleeping pack


I haven’t tried any of the samples yet. My skin is relatively stable so I will probably take a selection of samples when I go for travels rather than testing them out at random while I’m home.


Individual review posts about the products I purchased will be uploaded after a few weeks of trial! I hope my skin likes everything, but already I’ve found that the snail bee steam cream is very very thick and vaguely sticky. I can turn a blind eye to the thickness if it performs well though. We’ll see!


Overall, I’m a bit disappointed that I placed this order without waiting for a sale, but the purchase was so straightforward and the shipping so prompt and the gifts were good, so I’m still really happy with the purchase ^^