Day 26 | 30 Days of Gyaru Challenge

This is the twenty sixth post to the 30 days of Gyaru challenge!

Today’s challenge is:

What do you wear when you are not in gyaru?


Now that I have a full-time role in a corporate office, I rarely wear gyaru.


I could definitely wear it in the weekend, but I’m simply too tired most weekends to bother. Plus, by the time I get out of bed and come home from gym in the weekend it’s already afternoon. If there’s nothing on then I have absolutely no motivation to dress up :/


Perhaps now that it’s spring, there will be more events and activities to go to, and reasons to get dolled up!


My usual attire is plain office-wear. It can’t be helped, right? 5 days a week I’m at work, so I have to get used to wearing office-appropriate wear. Work is often busy too, so the easiest way out is to wear simple clothes that I can throw a necklace on and look presentable in. My favourites are sleeveless tops with either black pants, or printed mid-thigh length skirts.

Out of the outfits I’ve posted on this blog, these are the ones that are work appropriate:


work casual outfit
Work casual


outfit - royal



I can get away with subtle tattoo tights and lolita items that aren’t too loud, like the top above.


After gym, I usually go home in a baggy top and leggings, and on the weekend I will mix in gyaru pieces like this


pearls bows and florals gyaru outfit
Floral gal


I often wear the wine colored top above for work as well, but probably not the skirt as it rides up and would be too short for work. The thigh-print tights would also be inappropriate, and those shoes too. Basically, even on the weekend I’ve started mixing casual work-clothes into my outfits xD


In saying that, the wine colored top is from Golds Infinity so I guess it’s more like I’m mixing gyaru items into work? 😛