A recent photoshoot [Confetti]

Late last year, I had the privilege of modelling for the portfolio of a professional photographer- Ken Bufton.

It was the first time I had modelled for an industry professional and veteran, so I was really excited for the experience!!

Truthfully, I was very worried beforehand about messing up, or being too slow, or doing something wrong. And in fact I did forget to bring a petticoat for my lolita inspired outfit on the day…

But somehow the photos of that outfit look better than they probably would have if I did have the petticoat, so I was very relieved ^^;

I also had no blouse that I could fit at the time. Tenshi-nee and wifey made me a blouse to go with the pink sakura skirt (both made from scratch!), but I’m now too fat to fit it LOL.

Tangent: there is, however, a blouse in the Metamorphose Lucky Bag they bought for my birthday in Dec though! Hopefully I can fit that one! ><

Back to the shoot-

For the photoshoot, I did my hair (lol, straightened it. Wish I used a wig instead), and makeup, and Ken was the photographer. It was easier than I thought to work without an assistant!

We took the photos at Auckland Domain. It was just the middle of spring, so all the flowers were blooming and the weather was wonderful!

As it is NZ though, we did have a couple minutes of rain. But it was over pretty quick ^^

These are my favourite snaps from the day (no photoshopping by me, since I’m mega chubby on Ken’s website anyway T_T)-

My #1 favourite ❤