New Zealand

Wellington weekend

It feels like I haven’t done a proper long-distance trip in ages, but actually I have been slinking away regularly. I just haven’t blogged about most of the trips ^^;

Today’s post is on the short 3 day get-away I had to Wellington last weekend! OK 3 days is not actually short, considering I took annual leave to give myself a couple more meals in Welly. But one can never have enough time on holiday right??

The eateries in Wellington are ahhhh-mazing. I briefly reviewed the majority of the places I ate at in this post.

Day 1

Arrived in Wellington – this is the first time I’ve been to Welly since the whole Lord of the Ring / Hobbiton craze began. Have to say, the airport installations are pretty cool. The red dragon’s eyes even open and close! 






Wellington CBD has so many small houses sandwiched between tall apartments with only a meter of separation. It’s really odd. I’m sure those houses (or their land) are worth ridiculous amounts of money though.




Wellington also has heaps of eccentric buildings, like there are in Brussels.




I took the cable car from downtown up to the botanic garden. Cheap and super cute! It also really helped that I didn’t have to walk UP the giant hill.






The standard botanic garden trail is guided by pohutukawa markings on the path. It helped me make my way down the scenic route without a map or any preparation!




Some more photos inside the botanic garden;








The Wellington landscape is so different from Auckland. Auckland has rolling hills everywhere, so you don’t really notice the hills at all. Wellington on the other hand, has super flat land, with a row of houses backed right behind by really big hills.






Day 2

Animal day! We first went to Wellington zoo, then did the Zealandia by night tour to spot some kiwis and other native birds and insects.

The kangaroos (joeys? are these still that young?) have so much swag wtf



Until this one scared the shit out of me by getting up and hopping away after I took this photo of me petting it T_T


Bf did the red panda close encounter. There were 4 visitors in the group, but they all had adequate time to feed the red panda as it walked across their laps and ate fruits from their hands. I didn’t sign up because there were no spaces left for his session, and I regretted it so so much. They were actually the cutest little things!



Lady red panda with the white face was new to the zoo and couldn’t participate in close encounters yet. She was so envious of the other two red pandas getting their fruit lol


Other animals that were kinda cute;



I did a jaguar encounter. Jaguars don’t seem to be nearly as popular as the red panda, as I got 2 jaguars and three zookeepers to myself wtf. One was my dedicated photographer haha

AREN’T THEY BLIMMIN ADORABLE?! Look at that tongue. Just look. Awwwwwwww~


They have the funniest expressions. Jaguar photos are the best for playing ‘caption this’.


Hi handsome! 😉


I didn’t take any photos in Zealandia. It’s really many times more greenery than birds (the way it should be), and there was no way I could take any good photos when I’m following a tour group anyway. It was an epic experience though, and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s visiting New Zealand! It’s the best sanctuary and only half an hour out of the CBD, and you get to see and hear birds in their natural habitat which is still in restoration, and even glow worms close up!

Day 3

On the last day of this brief weekend trip, we just walked (and ate) our way around the CBD. The waterfront is so beautiful! It really reminded me of Zurich, though the water here is much more blue!



Some shopping arcades in Wellington have absolutely stunning architecture. Although I was too stingy to purchase many a few of the beautiful clothes in the shops here, it was still wonderful to just window shop and enjoy the atmosphere. The bf didn’t seem to appreciate it quite as much though ._.


Naturally, I had to get a snap of the beehive. Classic Wellington tourist photo?


Cute paved alleyways with life-sized statues. And animal statues are always appreciated 110%


This is the most ridiculous executive office I have ever seen carved out of (or rather, into?) a building. Wtf.


Hipster boutiques, eateries, barbers, and other services are EVERYWHERE in Wellington. Naturally, hipster Wellingtonians need equally hipster homeware to fill their apartments?


Wellington was a well packed three day trip – and although there are more eateries I wanted to visit, three days was definitely enough to get a good coverage on sightseeing destinations.