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Noah’s Ark Bubble Tea | Wellington

Wellington is a bit of a ‘hipster town’ in New Zealand. It’s definitely got a good deal of small boutique dessert shops, cafes, and trinket stores all over the CBD. One thing that Wellington isn’t very advanced in though, is proper Asian dessert.


So far in my hunt for bubble tea, I’ve only come across

  • Noah’s Ark which has a main restaurant store on Tory St, and a stall for just bubble tea on Manners St (full street addresses here)
  • Bubble Central in Courtenay Place which has a rather run-down looking stall
  • Cha, also in Courtenay Place – not recommended by my flatmate but I think I will give it a go this week


Noah’s Ark is the most promising of the three in terms of having a theme which is pretty cute, and a good range of drink choices.

drink menu
The drinks menu has so many options!

Naturally, the most common flavours of milk tea are the cheapest at $5.50, while the more interesting flavours including my personal favourite (rose) are $6.50. Toppings are $1 each, but you can order up to 3 toppings and they have a wide range to choose from! Drinks from here can easily add up to $10 for a cup of sugary goodness…

milk tea options close up
Milk tea options

However, I think their standard milk tea range actually covers a lot of flavours compared to many milk tea houses in Auckland. In general, being able to purchase a Mocha or Oatmeal or Japanese Green or Lavender milk tea for $5.50 I think is a fair deal.


I tried their Taro milk tea with bubbles last week at their stall, but this time in the restaurant I ordered a warm Lavender milk tea with no sugar, warm, and with bubbles.

lavender bubble tea
My (very fragrant) Lavender bubble tea

The taro flavour in my previous milk tea wasn’t as strong as I would have liked – the milk tea was a little on the watery side, though not the worst I’ve had. The flavoured tea itself, I would probably rate a 4/5. Presentation, 3/5.

Surprisingly, even with ZERO sugar, both the taro and the lavender tea were pretty sweet. I can’t imagine how sweet maximum sugar would be… Sorry, but I don’t really want to attempt it in the name of science

The lavender tea…is probably an acquired taste. Personally, I find it too fragrant and strong. It’s like the kind of sharp flavour and scent that peppermint flavoured desserts have – except it’s Lavender scent. Not my favourite tea by far. The oolong milk tea that AZ ordered however, was very pleasant and had a fantastic strong oolong flavour which worked surprisingly well as a milk tea.

Needless to say, after I pay my dues to Cha, I will likely be back at Noah’s ark to try some of the other ‘standard’ milk tea flavours which would be listed as premium flavours back in Auckland.

Final verdict? Not the best milk tea I’ve had, and probably not worth recommending but if you’re REALLY craving milk tea, it’s not a terrible choice 🙂

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  • I miss bubble tea… Can’t get it here anymore…. 🙁
    Never mind, I guess I’ll just have to make do with Starbucks or the like lol
    Oolong tea is so lovely! My favourite bubble tea used to be the melon one… Oh, the memories!!!!

    • What! How come? Were there stores that closed? D:

      Make your own bubble tea!! Recently I found a place in Wellington that does wholesale food goods (like cosco). They sold flavour syrups and tapioca balls too – a flatmate and I are thinking of getting one and making our own bubble tea!

      Melon bubble tea is super yum~~ can’t go wrong with that flavour! Come back and visit the southern hemisphere!! 😀