New Zealand

Lake Wainamu Track

Lake waimanu panorama
Panorama taken atop the elevated giant sand dune plain


Winter has been harsh this year. The past week in particular, has been 10km/h winds all day coupled with 4 degree celsius temperatures. Many of my colleagues still managed to gather the courage to go out for the lunchtime bootcamp that’s held across the road from my office, but I chose to stay inside the air conditioned office and catch up on my anime instead.


Although it has been rather rewarding getting through four series of anime, I have definitely seen an increase in my waistline which is constantly begging for my attention. Yes, tights, I do realise the reason you are cutting my belly in half is because I’ve gained some flubber there. Thank you for reminding me with ligature marks around my abdomen 🙁


To get amped back into a healthy lifestyle, I opted to go for a small walk with the boyfriend today instead of eating, playing games, or watching movies as we generally do. We did end up going for a massive korean BBQ feast afterwards, but at least we tried to do something healthy first, right? haha


I found today’s track for Lake Wainamu on Epic Little Missions. This cool little blog was recommended in one of my high school groups during a fitspo season in the summer. I don’t think we’ve actually completed many of these but it’s really helpful to have a little archive to refer to – bonus is how consistently and cleanly each post is laid out!


lake beyond the sand dunes


There’s a massive sand dune to walk over from the start of the track to the actual lake. Unfortunately, the weather was so cold (the photos are deceiving!) that the bf refused to walk to the lake so I ended up only looking at it from the sand dunes but oh well, we can walk around the lake another day. It would only be half an hour out of town – if I didn’t make any mistakes on navigation 😛