New Zealand

Hobbiton – the magical mini village

I haven’t blogged in so long, I don’t even know where to start!

So many things have happened in the past few months

But between procrastinating (not blogging because I didn’t have my desktop and therefore difficult to post-process photos)
and work
and going out more (lol)
I somehow stopped blogging my last few months.


In fact, I still have so many posts on my holidays from last year yet to post up.

I always seem to procrastinate on my holiday posts ^^;;;

Anyway, I suppose they will happen when they happen.

For now, I will show my trip to Hobbiton which happened on the fourth of April! *laugh/sob so hopeless*



It was a long day trip, from morning till very very late in the evening x.x

Hobbiton is about 2 hours drive out from Auckland in an area called Matamata. It’s a little south west of Hamilton, and the Hobbiton set is literally in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, because it’s essentially a mini village (lake included) in a huge paddock! There were even sheep and cows roaming around haha 


The hobbit houses are actually just facades – the indoor scenes are shot in a studio where the set can be resized to make certain actors appear larger or smaller than others. The facades are the same – built to different scale sizes! Sorry folks :/

The fruit and veg patch in the middle is all real, and maintained. Most of the plants and flowers and trees are real – apart from a few that have to stay the same size as props in front of houses, and that giant tree at the top of the hill which was rebuilt entirely orz. They even have to repaint the leaves every so often. ALL of the leaves. .________.



The set is so adorable and magical!

The Hobbiton tour also includes a drink for each person – they had 3 options so we bought another one to try all of them. I think drinking the ginger ale right after a gulp of the dark ale makes the best flavour *v*

The inn also has a couple fireplaces – this one before the bar is so cosy! Super blurry photo (apologies) but isn’t it absolutely perfect?




After Hobbiton, we went for a little trek at Wairere falls. Stupidly thought it would be okay to just do the walk in normal clothes. I completely forgot that Liz Lisa clothes do not breathe at all…










The forest was actually so so so quiet. Much quieter than the trek I did with my girls at kite kite falls where there were heaps of people.

The water was so cool too. Actually bone-chillingly so. It was nice in a way, but I also felt a bit paralysed haha…


In the evening, we decided to play scratchies. Lotto is a thing for road trips right? Hilariously enough, we managed to play at least 15 games on 6$. That $6 stretched us for like, almost 2 hours? I have never had such luck for lotto before!


Afterwards, we had an hour appointment for a private wooden spa bath. It was in a giant tub and I didn’t take any photos, but it was soooo nice. Although I know it’s wasteful and all, being in a private bath meant that you could fill the water super hot, and then let in cold water so that the bottom is cold while the top is really hot. Best. Bath. Ever.

I still miss the Japanese onsen though :/

We ended the night with a midnight (or past midnight?) dinner on Dominion Rd. Pretty sure it’s the only place open at that hour. Some of the restaurants were due to be open till 3am! Shocking. It is New Zealand after all.


It also happened to be blood moon that night. I didn’t have my new tripod back then, so it was a case of balancing my camera on my slippers and doing a timed shot. Turned out alright I think?




You can book your own Hobbiton tour online!