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Butlers Chocolate Cafe | Wellington

Over the past weekend, I moved down to Wellington (capital of New Zealand) on a temporary placement for work.

Throughout the next few months, I hope to visit some awesome places around Wellington and perhaps curate a list of the best places to go for a short visit to windy Welly!

The CBD is really small, so you really wouldn’t need many days to travel around this city 😛

This morning’s visit was my first time to Butlers Chocolate Cafe. Despite passing by it every morning on my way to work, I’d never thought to go in.

After all, isn’t 8am a little too early for sweets?

Mmmmmn chocolate first thing in the morning...
Mmmmmn chocolate first thing in the morning…

The store appeared to be just opening up around that time, so it was frequently empty when I pass by unlike a myriad of cafes along my morning route. The faint scent of freshly churning chocolate always seemed a little too devilish when the work day hadn’t even begun.

However, it is quickly becoming one of my favourite morning coffee-houses.

The menu had all the usual caffeinated treats, plus a range of flavored hot chocolates (on this particular day, I ordered the Butlers signature hot chocolate). The price was on par with other cafes in the CBD – my medium sized hot chocolate was around $5.50, while the large (which is served in an almost-bowl sized cup) would come in at around $6.50.

Signature hot chocolate with cream and shaved chocolate flakes
Signature hot chocolate with cream and shaved chocolate flakes

Also, hot chocolates come with your choice of any one chocolate from the cabinet.

Complimentary chocolate - my choice was dark with dark chocolate truffle centre
Complimentary chocolate – my choice was the intense dark truffle

Not sure if the other drinks are the same, but either way it makes the pricing very competitive when coupled with their membership Happiness card which offers every 10th drink for free.

I may or may not have come across their boxed chocolates as a Christmas gift one year, but the cafe setting has a much nicer ambience than the stuffy old chocolate company feel that the packaging of their boxed treats exude.

On our second trip, I had a beautiful small flat white ($4.50), and a latte chocolate which was suuuuper yummy! I love how their chocolate is so smooth and thick and not grainy at all!

flat white butlers cafe
good milk froth, good coffee too!
chocolates butlers cafe
Latte chocolate is on the left. Don’t know what flavour the one on the right is
inside of latte chocolate butlers cafe
Mmmmmmn soo creamy inside

AZ and I also shared a chocolate mousse cake which tasted a lot better than it looked.

choc mousse cake butlers cafe
Chocolate mousse cake. It had the texture of freeze dried food, but with enough moisture to be a cake. It’s very interesting, and I rather liked it!

This particular store held both small square table seating, and high wooden stools facing mirrored walls which give the illusion that the store is much more spacious than it actually is. As a place for my morning coffee by my lonesome self (usually), this is perfection.

Butler’s cafe in Wellington can be found at 103 Willis Street. There are also stores located in Lower Hutt, Porirua, Paraparaumu, and Auckland (wtf did not know at all until now as I’m writing this post LOL)

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  • David Wilson

    I have flown my rented airplane over Wellington :D…… Wellington,Ohio,that is lol ! There is a triangle shaped reservoir called Wellington Reservoir that makes it easy to find Wellington,even if you were without GPS in the airplane or a sectional chart.I hope things work out fantastic for you concerning this new endeavor! I Love chocolate too.I’m having chocolate flavored coffee as I type this.The best to you!! 🙂