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Wakkoqu | Kobe

Ahhh Kobe beef. Truly a dining experience, with its delicate preparation, counter service, and hefty price tag to match.

When bf and I were in Japan, the original plan was to meet up with a NZ friend (KD) in Nagoya, but KD was super obsessed with Kobe beef that he insisted on making a day trip to Kobe. And so, bf and I took the shinkansen from Kyoto to meet him in Kobe for the day xD

There’s a long story about how my awful map reading skills led us on an hour-long walk uphill when we could have taken a 2 minute train but…let’s leave that in the past 😛

The Wakkoqu branch we went to is in shin-kobe. The other branch is in Kitane – I have no idea where that is in Kobe, but anyway both branches are in Kobe! It’s quite highly rated on Tripadvisor UK, but on tabelog it’s average. Tabelog is harsh as heck though, so a 3.5 is decent imo.

The lunch courses are cheaper than dinner, so definitely visit at lunch if you can. We were all a bit broke, but if I were to go again I would probably have gone for the Wakkoqu course rather than the Tajima & Sanda. Considering how much the overall trip cost, the 1,000y upgrade is really no big deal.

Below are the photos from our trip – we all got the same set, however the bf ordered an extra fried rice with garlic which I didn’t take a photo of. It was very fragrant for fried rice though!

soup wakkoqu
Soup of the day
fatty fatty steak
Slabs of steak, weight for 3 people however you would have no idea how much they actually use ay…
sectioning steak
The chef would section the meat into different ‘courses’ depending on the fat content of the area of meat
Seasoning assorted vegetables
Assorted vegetables
Chef turning over the courgette with his lil spatulas
Flip flip!
Fat grilling on the plate
Fatty section of meat. Or rather, just a section of fat
delicious delicious beef
‘Lean’ sections of meat
slicing section of cooked meat
cutting the meat into bite-sized pieces for us
'Lean' section of meat lined up on the plate to enjoy with your selection of flavourings
The chef serves the meat into each person’s plate and recommends the flavouring that would best complement that section of meat.. Pepper, garlic, or mustard were my favourite. Why was there so much salt?? Do people use that much salt???
medium rare to the dot
Perfectly cooked
Fatty section in dipping sauce
Dipping sauce is really strong imo, wasn’t a huge fan of it apart from with fat
rice and pickled vegetables
The rice is nice and tacky, but still firm. I miss Japanese rice. The pickled vegetables were light – not my favourite but I guess they can’t steal the spotlight from the beef
Lemon sorbet and green tea to finish
BF got the coffee. Not sure how it is hahaha I’m not a huge fan of Japanese coffee unless it’s siphon….

For some reason they didn’t serve salad even though it was part of the set menu. I didn’t know how to ask them though, so it wasn’t addressed. I’m not hugely hung up about it, but I don’t understand why something would be on the menu and be left out just sayin’.

Was it worth it? Yeah, compared to some of the other places I’ve been to it’s pretty good. They definitely prepared the beef perfectly and if you’re going to a Kobe beef restaurant, that’s the #1 important. However, given how highly rated it is on Tripadvisor, I would also recommend digging around on tabelog for a more obscure and possibly less tourist trap-ish place. I’m sure one exists.


Have you tried Kobe beef? Did you think it was worth the price and how was the restaurant you went to? Tell me in the comments so I can try it out next time I’m in Japan!