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Okame sushi – Tsukiji market

I did plenty of research on the eateries within Tsukiji market – from those that you need to wait for at 3am, to those that few bothered to review online. All in all, Okame sushi seemed like a good in-between sushi restaurant with a small wait, but largely positive reviews.

In my experience, places that have a small number (<20) of reviews on Tripadvisor with mostly excellent or good ratings, and maybe one poor or terrible rating are likely to be good without a long line. Okame sushi fit this profile (see their Tripadvisor page here), so I wanted to try it myself!


Our wait at Okame sushi began around 10am or so. We were probably the 8th group in line, and took us 40 minutes to get in. I guess it wasn’t too bad, but it meant we missed the chance to go see a Kabuki show at Kabukiza ><

Waiting at Okame sushi wasn’t a terrible experience. The restaurant was opposite a stall selling egg roll, and in the next row of shops I managed to buy some hojicha tea while the bf waited in line playing pokemon ^^ (the tea turned out to be pretty average btw. Not the right place to buy tea obviously.)

Also, in the same row of restaurants there were two that had HUGE lines that would have been at least 2 hrs+. Occasionally I would go over to check out that line and chuckle to myself. Those people are literally going to wait half their day away for sushi that may just be overhyped.

okame sushi tsukiji market
Okame storefront as we were in line

Okame sushi has a few courses at different prices. We chose the standard course that comes with 10 set items. Our second preference was the chef’s recommendation 10 set item course with a choice of 2 favourites on top, but it was at a considerable markup from the price to the 10 item set. Our set came out to around 2,400 per person (I don’t remember the exact, but it was on the cheaper side for Tsukiji market)

Anyway, on to the food!

okame sushi tsukiji market
Started eating a bit late – should really have had that egg roll before everything else started being served ^^;
okame sushi tsukiji market
platter quickly replenished with nigiri 1 to 4
okame sushi tsukiji market
nigiri 5 to 7
okame sushi tsukiji market
8th – salmon roe comparison between mine and the bf’s. What is this huge discrepancy? LOL
okame sushi tsukiji market
8 to 10 – finishing with much rice in the small rolls, and miso soup

In the end, I guess it’s a 12-course set as they started with an egg roll, and ended with a bowl of miso soup which was rather nice with non-standard ingredients.

The fish they used was fairly fresh but still very tasty, though it wasn’t the freshest I’ve had in the market. I forgot which restaurant I went to last time I was in Tsukiji market, but I think their fish was fresher and they had no line at all! (though that was at 9am…). All in all, the fish that was served was enjoyable.

Each nigiri at Okame sushi was served flavoured already. This could be good, except they weren’t too careful with the flavouring and for example, one of my bf’s nigiri had a huge serving of wasabi which was way overpowering while the same one for me could have done with more.

Similarly, the amount of ikura (salmon roe) served for us was appallingly different. I don’t even know what else to say about this, it’s just unacceptable :L

The seaweed was slightly on the damp side, it was a little difficult to break through. Not a huge issue, but it could have been better.

My final bone to pick has to be with the rice that was used. I believe the rice on nigiri should not fall apart easily? Pretty sure I read that somewhere. Anyhow for ease of eating, it definitely should not fall apart, yet one of my nigiri already had a small chunk of rice fallen off before I even touched it!

The redeeming qualities of this course are that everything was served at a comfortable temperature, and the flavours and texture of the fish that were rather delicious considering the price we paid for the meal.


All in all, I don’t think that this meal was worth the 40 minute wait, unless you really want a mid-upper sushi experience on a strict budget. IMO, Okame sushi alright overall, but really it’s still somewhat another Tripadvisor tourist hyped restaurant.


I took some videos during my visit to Okame sushi, but my laptop is currently almost out of memory space so the video will be edited and uploaded at some later date!