Royal Botanic Gardens | Melbourne

Back with another botanic gardens post! Last one for a while, I promise 😛

These photos were from back in February/March, so the flowers have probably changed by now. The weather wasn’t too encouraging that day – in fact I think it was raining for a period, but the gardens were expansive and lovely to stroll through!

Many of these photos were taken on my phone (or perhaps all of them?) so they were taken square for Instagram. Apologies for the quality, but hey it gives you a reason to visit and be in awe of the beautiful garden in person right!

rose gardens in front of cityscape
Theatre in the distance, surrounded by flora~
closed off lawn with water feature
Beautiful square sanctuary, I think it was right outside one of the botanic garden entrances
water feature in the lawn sanctuary
I sat here for a few minutes just listening to the flow of the water. It was beautiful. And please don’t mention how phallic this looks. I only just realised OTL
Ornate gate with gardening tool design
Gate into a private herb garden at the edge of the botanic garden
animal shaped tree sculptures
Tree sculpt features outside of the children safe garden
jasmine flower in walkway next to herb garden
A yellow variety of jasmine. The scent was beautiful!
herb garden at royal botanic garden in melbourne
Herb garden *v*
Some cacti were out in the open air
While others are in a greenhouse
I think these are tulips. Anyway they're colorful and beautiful and effective as a water irrigation system
Natural water irrigation system!

A cute little hut next to a lake

fern garden

public restroom down a path within a bamboo forest
This is one of the restrooms in the garden. So aesthetic wtf
pagoda at a junction
Cute little pagoda. Would be nice for taichi, yeah? 😀

gate into one of the gardens that eluded me for ages

Manmade waterfall and lake feature
Water feature, also just outside of the botanic garden area
another photo of the water feature
It’s so cute with little stone bridges and boulders and winding steps


Sculpture of frog jumping out from the water
I really liked this frog. #legsfordays

I didn’t take many photos of floral displays because it wasn’t all that interesting (having been to the Wellington botanic gardens not long ago), but there were quite a few areas with beautiful blooms.

One thing to note with the Royal Botanic Garden is that it’s on the bigger side for a botanic garden, and I got lost a couple times. I ended up spending an entire morning wandering around the botanic garden and the surrounding area including the Shrine of remembrance and some luscious green fields. You can see on Google maps just how big the grassy area is! I would definitely recommend putting aside three hours for a good stroll around this area, or two hours for a brisk walk.



  • Alexis

    I’m really loving the bush sculptures. I have bear shaped one in my backyard, but it’s starting to turn into a giant overgrown blob. I adore all of the photos that you took! They’re inspiring. Now I want to go visit my local botanical garden 🙂

    • Hehe the sculptures are quite abstract and fascinating eh! A bear shaped hedge sounds super cute!! I hope it can return to a cute shape; that would be awesome to see~

      Do go! I hope they have a cool bush area. Looking back at these photos I really loved the NZ native bush area it’s so serene <3