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How not to chat up someone (A Zurich Story)

This is an old post that I wrote back in 2014, but never got around to posting (together with the second half of my travels in Europe that year). Since it seems to be complete, I thought I should let it see the light of day. Hope you enjoy my mini cringe-story!

I was originally planning to do one post per city, but some of the small stories are legit worth their own post. Plus, the main city posts were getting too long lol.

So this scene took place after dinner in Zurich. Natascha and I just had the greatest fondue in this little restaurant in the city centre with traditional music and cute homely decor, and were on our way to Lindenplatz for some photos. This Asian guy (pretty sure he’s Chinese, but doesn’t seem to be from China) comes up and asks us where the nearest maccas is. My reaction is “why the heck you lookin’ for maccas in this beautiful city???” but I bit it back and let Natascha give him the directions. Only a few words into answering this guy’s question, he suddenly says “actually, I didn’t really want to know where maccas is. I just wanted to talk to you guys”




To add insult to injury, he then TURNS and says “specifically, you” to me. You kidding? Cut my friend off, and then push her out the convo? Um, never talking to you again once we get away. ==


Funny thing is that he then said he’s from Zurich, and Natascha was like “ooooh really” because his behaviour is clearly unlike what you would expect of someone from Zurich. He backed out of talking about himself so fast lmao.


He then followed us for a couple of minutes, and offered to take a photo of Natascha and I for us. Of course, photo opportunities taken by someone else is always snapped up fast. Then after, he jokingly said that he wanted pay for the photo, or alternatively, my number.


At times like this, I am really glad that I am a blogger, and have business cards for my blog. It’s like THE best opportunity to promote my blog, and I didn’t even need to actively promote it lol. Of course, I crossed out my number because I was getting weeeeird vibes from him as I only leave it there for business use.


So I gave him a business card, and Natascha and I were let off to continue on our way in peace.


To the guy: if you’re reading this – it’s better to straight up get to the point and be refused than to have your embarrassing ass hauled out on the internet for the whole world to learn a lesson from. Just be glad I don’t remember your name bro.


At times like this, I fully understand my mom’s concern over me travelling alone. Sometimes you just end up at the wrong place at the wrong time, and things just don’t end well. Thankfully this guy wasn’t creepy per se, but if it had been some proper creeper then the situation could totally have been quite dangerous…


And that is the number one most weird way both Natascha and I have seen someone try to chat us (or anyone else) up! Please, Gods above, let this be the first and last time.


  • David Wilson

    I found this post very interesting! It sounds like that guy appreciates a beautiful woman when he sees one,but he’s very lacking in tact.I don’t know what people are like in most other countries,but as a U.S. citizen,when I look at the young people in my country I see a lot of the same.I honestly would not want to be a young female in the United States because I think it would be very difficult to find a person you could trust and who would be worthy of committing to for the long-term.Recently,the woman I told you about,that I go places with her and her granddaughters,wanted to meet with me to talk.Well it turns out that she likes me and she is really impressed with what a kind and caring person I am ( that’s what she said ! ) I’m thankful that I treat people with tact and Love.I’ve had girls ( like the lady I just mentioned ) that I’m not even interested in, that thought I wanted to date them because of how nice I treated them.I Love good fondue! 🙂 Have an awesome day,Rina!

    p.s.-Hi Natascha!

    • Hi David! ^^

    • I think a lot of people don’t get the guidance they need, nor understand how to ask the right questions to get/understand what they want.

      Recently I had a debate with some people over some lyrics where I thought it was inappropriate for a person of great influence to be setting a bad example, and one person replied saying that there’s no obligation for them to set a good example to children. I thought about it for days, and yeah, you can’t expect every person to set a good example in everything they do, but certainly every person should strive to set a good example anyway because what’s to lose, compared to all there is to gain?

      I’m glad things are going well between you and that lady and her girls! Super happy for you 🙂

  • I know right =____= ruuuuude.
    I’m glad it’s been good for you. Though, you’d probably be pretty good at fending people off now? 😛

    • Yep, I think I can handle myself lol… So watch out creeps, you’d better not mess with me. hehehe 😀