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Rice Paper Scissors | Melbourne

We thought that one Asian fusion restaurant would be enough for the weekend, but Chin Chin was so good that when our original dinner plans fell through for Saturday night, we decided to pop over to Rice Paper Scissors nearby as the bf had also seen this place well-recommended online.

The restaurant itself is long and thin – nowhere near as large as Chin Chin, but it felt far more spacious. Where Chin Chin was a din of chatter for old friends to catch up at, Rice Paper Scissors is more like a casual Saturday date night location.

The kitchen is half visible, and open to the restaurant. It flows into the bar which had an array of drinks, cocktail materials, and as you can see on the left of the photo below – even coconut milk and Kewpie (Japanese mayonnaise).

rice paper scissors shelves
View from my bar counter seating

The restaurant is bright, with tall ceilings and a casual wood & industrial decor.

We were super lucky to be there for the last day of one of the restaurant owners. He was off on a new restaurant venture the next day.

rice paper scissors counter

And the food? Beautifully presented, and absolutely delicious.

rice paper scissors dish
CRYING TIGER (seua rong hai) – char-grilled wagyu beef with a spicy citrus dipping sauce

The wagyu beef was interesting, but the highlight of this is the dipping sauce. Super refreshing!

rice paper scissors dish
THAI CEVICHE (koi pla) – lime cured kingfish salad with mint, chilli and shallot

Having visited Fiji last year, ceviche is one of my favourite dishes right now, full of fresh and healthy goodness!

rice paper scissors dish
CHICKEN SALAD (goi ga) – coconut smoked chicken with vietnamese slaw
rice paper scissors dish
MINI VIETNAMESE BAGUETTE (banh mi) – crispy soft shell crab with pickled vegetables, herbs and homemade pate

I wasn’t too keen on the soft shell crab banh mi, because it wasn’t all that flavorful and was oil-heavy (for me anyway), but I love soft shell crab regardless.

rice paper scissors dish
BALINESE ROAST DUCK (bebek betutu) – baked in banana leaf and spices and served with coconut sambal and betel leaves

LOVED this shredded roast duck on betel leaves. The flavor of betel leaves is amazing, and this is easily my favourite dish of the evening. You have to try this dish if you visit!!


rice paper scissors dessert
Kaffir lime and thai basil granita with homemade coconut icecream

The dessert was alright. Nothing too exciting tbh. I would recommend getting a cocktail rather than dessert!


The portions are smaller than Chin Chin served, but there was no wait line and the flavors were also invigorating. The flavors of this restaurant leaned more towards the wake-you-up refreshing tastes, rather than the hearty and rich flavors of Chin Chin.

Is it better or worse than Chin Chin? I can’t really say because they’re very different. It’s all in your preferences, but I’d say Rice Paper Scissors Β is worth a visit πŸ™‚

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  • Love the name! Looks like another interesting place for me to check out on the next trip home. Thanks for the sharing πŸ™‚

    • Hehe I liked the name too! You’re welcome! ^^
      I’m already craving food from Melbourne…especially as I’m typing up my post about Hopetoun tea room, and having posted about Helados Jauja my favourite gelaterie earlier >w<

      • I’m lucky to have amazing food here in Japan, but I do miss the tastes of home. Your posts are making me very homesick πŸ™‚

        • hehehe are you going back to visit anytime soon?

          • We went back last summer, so probably will not go back home again until next year. A long time to wait to taste these goodies πŸ™‚

            • Ah yes, there will be new stuff! And I’m going there again in a month so I’ll probably have some more places to review :>