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Queen Victoria Market | Melbourne

The Queen Victoria Market was by far and wide more exciting and diverse than any fresh food and produce market I have ever been to in the southern hemisphere. In fact, it is probably the largest (yet still clean) market I have been to outside of Barcelona!

meat store display cabinet
more meat on display
I spy crackling. Mmmmmmm
Rarer meats
Kangaroo, wallaby, and emu D:
More poultry
Man it’s been so long since I had rabbit. It’s yummy.


A seafood cabinet
Lobster tails! I wonder what they do with the heads?
Indoor processed food market area
Processed foods area

A yummy and large selection of breads

more indoor processed foods market
Whole slabs of chocolate
Just chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Chocolate and coffee store sign
In case you want to find the stall
Variety of European condiments
Mmmmmn olives and other condiments
The French Shop sign and shelves
Condiments are sold at The French Shop. And some other stalls too
All that mozzarella
So many condiments!!
Large slabs of sweets
Warning: Western style Turkish Delights. These are NOT the Turkish delights you would get in Turkey. Also what’s that homemade slab on the right? It looks yum

This store is Dianne’s Delights fyi

Turkish delight block
It looks pretty good! Chewy though, not the melt-in-your-mouth kind of beauty T_T

And so we get to the outdoor fresh fruit and produce area of Queen Victoria Market!

a huge selection of kale varieties
Kale. So many kinds of kale. Eurgh


Farm fresh double yolk eggs for 7.99 20 egg tray
Double yolk eggs! It would be interesting to poach an egg with two yolks… how come I haven’t seen it in restaurants/cafes yet ;-;
fresh selection of all sorts of mushrooms
fresh yummy mushrooms
I love the kind on the right so much. They don’t even sell it fresh in NZ at all, nor the porcini mushrooms which are also delicious ;w;
Kiwano in a basket
This fruit looks interesting. I’m curious about how it tastes
Finger limes - how does one use it!?
These also look intriguing. $45/kg!
basket of prickly pears
Hehe I didn’t know prickly pear was a real fruit 😛

There’s also a variety area with toys, clothes, accessories, and cafes.


store selling aboriginal goods
For tourists?

Queen Victoria Market is fairly centrally located, and has a good selection of products.

I would recommend putting aside an hour (if you’re on a tight schedule) or two, to have a late brunch at the market – and if nothing here tickles your fancy, cafes and restaurants are plentiful just outside on Victoria St!

  • David Wilson

    It looks like a really cool place to visit! I’ve never seen kangaroo for sale here in the U.S. I didn’t really know kangaroo was used much for food. I would try some..but I would not want to try the “stinky tofu” you posted a picture of recently 😛 Cleveland,Ohio has a very similar market called “The West Side Market” I’ve been eating lot’s of vegetables and drinking my coffee black 50% of the time and avoiding things like donuts.My weight has gone down by twenty pounds.when I get down to 200 lbs ( I’m at 210 ) I will start an exercise program.Next time I go to New York,New York,I WILL be bad,though,and visit the Doughnut Plant.

    • It was pretty fun! Kangaroo isn’t actually that nice. I’ve tried a bite before. It’s very tough. Personally I think stinky tofu is much better hahaha

      Oh wow, congratulations on your weight loss progress! I will also have a new post about how to diet sustainably in a few days – it was something I put together when I was training and cutting really hard last year, I hope it will be useful to you 🙂

      Enjoy your time at the Doughnut Plant! It’s not every day you get such an experience!

  • The Queen Victoria Market is one place we always visit on any trip back home to Australia. Amazing atmosphere and love the fresh fruit & vegetables as well as the huge variety of food. The parking is also reasonably priced compared to most places in Melbourne, so we sometimes park there when visiting the city.