KTV Girl’s Night last Saturday, and wishing you a happy Chinese New Year! :D

Recently I’ve been on a singing streak, going ktv at least once every weekend @_@

Perhaps it’s because I hardly went ktv at all last year, so this year I’m catching up? lol at least my throat hasn’t started hurting!

Last weekend I was taking photos for some reviews, so I brought along my DSLR and took some photos with my girls. Silly me hadn’t charged the battery in at least a fortnight, so I didn’t get many photos :'(

I took out the drunk looking selfies – even though no-one was actually drunk. It’s just lovely how my DSLR is so great at taking photos when people are half-blinking LOL.

I haven’t gone out with my high school girls in at least a couple months. In fact we rarely meet up during the year because they’re so hardout at uni, studying in the library (or hermit-ing in the architecture building) from morning to night and only leaving for classes ==

And also, some aren’t even in the city during the year :'(

One of these girls is going back down to Dunedin on Saturday, so we’re seeing her off with some dessert at Milse where I once binged at for the sake of reviewing. #bloggerexcuses

I ALMOST FORGOT! It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve today! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Have a great year of the horse! ^^