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Hopetoun Tea Room | Melbourne

Out of all the cafes, dessert parlours, and cake stores, Hopetoun Tea Room is one of the most famous and highly rated in Melbourne.

Look at this line! I’ve had my eye on the place since before I flew to Melbourne, so I checked on their line several times throughout each day (it was centrally located anyway) and it was almost ALWAYS this busy after maybe 9am!

long line outside Hopetoun
That’s at least an hour long wait. The line stretches to the entrance of the arcade!

The front display cabinet is so spectacular and warm and cheery, no wonder people loved it!

Cabinet full of tarts, cakes, and slices

shop staff picking up a slice from the display
The tungsten lighting adds to the warm atmosphere of the tea room ❤
a large range of teas on display in a cabinet with silverware
Tea counter in the entryway
interior of the tea room
Roses on every table ❤ the bf isn’t as enthralled as I was with this decadent tea room
room decor
Rococo mirror print ❤ Personally not a huge fan of the huge amount of green in here but I can’t think of anything better

The place is pretty packed, with mostly 2 seater tables and a few bigger tables of 5+. The shop is so small that even though they crammed so many tables in, it would still be a super long wait to flip all the tables.

looking out into the arcade from our window seat
Hehe checking out the line outside as we wait for our order
mousse cake with cream and fruit
Royal chocolate mousse. mmmmmmmmmn *drool*
tart with cream and fruit
Fig chocolate tart

The main disappointment was the servers’ attentiveness. They should really hire another front of house hand, because it took 5 minutes after sitting down to get a menu, and by the time our tea came, we had already finished our tart/mousse. There didn’t seem to be a good system of who looks after what table, so when we were waved to our designated table it took ages to be told how we were supposed to order (at the counter. After checking out the cakes through the cabinet, and the tea on the menu).

Tea is served
Tea, with an interesting strainer. I probably got the tea with the weirdest name on the menu, but it wasn’t all that exciting

Though the tea and service were a bit of a downer, but the cakes were absolutely delicious and I am certainly going to drop by for some more cakes the next time I’m in Melbourne.

Visit early (8am on weekdays preferably) for a no-wait seat!

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