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First impressions of Melbourne

Although this post is named my first impressions of Melbourne, it’s actually a collection of all the miscellaneous things I saw around Melbourne and places I ate at which weren’t spectacular enough to require a separate post. In saying that, these funny, weird, beautiful sights also do form a large part of my impressions of Melbourne anyway, so the title ain’t wrong 😀

I hope you enjoy a few laughs reading this! ^^

ps. THIS POST IS VERY PHOTO HEAVY. But it’s probably too late to be saying that now haha…

People (predominantly Asian) lining up for the release of new shoes of some kind. This was back at the end of Feb
Children’s picturebook. My faith in the future of humanity is dimishing by the minute
St Pauls Cathedral on the left, Federation Square on the right. I love the idea of bikes you can rent and ride around even if these bikes were chunky little pieces of cheese (read: not agile)

Below are photos I took along a streetart street. Not sure if this one is particularly famous or the only one of its kind, but the colors and variety of styles was awesome. This was super close to Chin Chin! I think this may have been Union Lane

The start of a new masterpiece
Pixelart! 😀
My personal favourite
Do you have the finer appreciation for art?
Someone had a wedding that day. We saw several really old cars but I just really loved this color 😛
I don’t know how they deal with going from a flat road to up a hill.
Spoiler: It’s stuck on the windowsill

The Victoria State Library is also really awesome –

gallery of paintings
Casual art gallery inside the library
La Trobe Reading Room
The round study room
View of the side
It’s so lovely and bright! Those shelves of old books on the upper floors need special access to get to
close up of lamp shades and centrepiece
Such atmosphere *v*


View of reading room from upper floor
Mesmerising symmetry
possum sculpture piece? Idk tbh lol
Sculpture in the gallery areas around the upper floors of La Trobe Reading Room


And of course, FOOD

First, Sushi Hub:

deluxe sushi flavors at sushi hub
Deluxe flavours!
variety of sushi bento boxes
Beautiful variety of boxes :’)
sushi train at sushi hub
AND dine in sushi train! All in the same establishment! Do I sound like a hillbilly yet
Abalone, and baby octopus inarizushi
Abalone, and baby octopus inari. Both DELICIOUS
soft shell crab roll from Sushi hub
Soft shell crab roll

This is Nene Chicken in Melbourne:

nene chicken half and half fried chicken with sides
Half and half – swicy and oriental green onion I think. Even comes with sides wtf
I really liked these lights. And the tall ceiling.
free soft serve weekend promotion


black sesame soft serve in waffle cone
Got myself soft free black sesame soft serve. Not super strong flavor but hey, it’s free. And in a WAFFLE cone.

Supercharger vegan store in Emporium foodcourt:

Supercharger menu - how to order
The menu. Naturally, pencilled in orders can then be erased and the menu reused.
Four bowels of soup. With some raw slaw and mash
Idiot me went and ticked all the weirdest looking things I saw in each category. And ended up with heaps of soup -.-

This one is popular. I ran across it by accident and was enthralled by the neon pink lights.

I present to you: Doughnut Time!

entryway into Doughnut Time
Good man getting brownie points. Jks he probably had a super sweet tooth, look at that longing gaze xD
Selection of donuts at doughnut time
Mmmmmn all the flavours look so yummy!
More selection of donuts
And the other shelf of donuts look equally scrumptious

When I got to the front of the line, I noticed they also had milkshakes to choose from. Which come with a donut. So why not 😀

Doughnut Time peanut butter shake with choc glazed donut and sprinkles
Peanut Butter shake. It had some yummy name but I just wanted to get this in my belly.

Brunetti has a huge selection of cakes and icecreams and chocolates, I only took a few photos:

Strawberry gateaux and it looks like a variety of mousse at the bottom
They’re so pretty!!
heart gelato sticks in the freezer
Valentines cake :3
Gelato with cherry filling
Tbh not that delicious, but it’s so pretty

My favourite gelato store on the planet. No kidding. I literally want to move to Melbourne so I can have this amazingness from Helados Jauja:

Durian and yerba mate gelato flavours
Awesome variety of rare flavours to select from. And super strong flavours too! (yerba mate is a kind of South American tea btw, super strong and bitter and fragrant)
Cup of gelato at helados jauja
Yerba mate, Durian, and rosewater & pistachio gelato

Apart from these, I also saw some really interesting artworks at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, and Australian Centre for Moving Images. There are so many different galleries in Melbourne to visit!!

I hope this post offers a taste of what Melbourne is like (both figuratively and literally with all the foodie places), and gives you something to look for in Melbourne!