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Chin Chin | Melbourne

Keen for a great fusion meal in Melbourne? Chin Chin is hands down, one of the best Asian fusion restaurants I have ever dined at in my life.

You know how sometimes, fusion food just seems kind of forced- like they took something Asian and kept trying to place Western elements into it until it seemed halfway decent? Not the case here. Everything just tasted so. Naturally. Amazing.

I’m not beating around the bush here. We saw the high ratings for the restaurant on Zomato (bless Zomato for guiding lost lambs to delicious pastures), and thought it would be alright to visit a bit early – maybe 5pm-ish? Well check out that line:

Chinchin waitlist line

That’s to get onto the ACTUAL waitlist. I feel sorry for all the people that waited half an hour to reach the front of the line, only to give up because there’s another hour before a table will be available. They totally should make it clearer that this line is for getting onto the waitlist rather than getting into the restaurant so that people have a better idea of whether they can make it at all.

chin chin street sign
Classic sign. So inconspicuous and doesn’t at all hint to how long the wait to get a seat would be

I regret not taking photos of the decor inside. It was comfortable, like an eclectic fancy indie style rather than a hipster try-hard style.

chin chin menu
Typically huge Asian restaurant menu 😛

We were spoilt for choice! So many dishes, and they all sound amazing! It isn’t cheap, but it would probably cost as much if not more for similar quality food in NZ.

chinchin drink menu
Drink menu. Nothing dodgy about this R18 k

Didn’t delve deep into the drink menu, but there was a good range.

Naturally, since we waited for 2hrs and 40mins or so to get our seats, we went all out and ordered as much as we could possibly eat.

Do I regret overeating that meal? Not even close. If anything, I wish I could have eaten more >>;;

chinchin pork belly
Caramelised sticky pork w. sour herb salad and chilli vinegar
chinchin bbq cuttlefish
BBQ cuttlefish som tum w. green papaya, pickled tomato, burnt green chilli, peanuts, and nam jim
Chinchin crab and pork cake
Crab & pork cakes w. salted duck egg and tamarind nam prik
chinchin curry
Massaman curry of coconut braised beef, kipfler potatoes, peanuts, and crispy shallots

Out of all the dishes we had, my favourite were the sticky pork and the curry. The curry is the best I’ve ever had. Bf really liked the cuttlefish too – it was a bit too chewy for me, but I loved the flavors. Crab and pork cakes were really good too, but it pales in comparison to the other dishes. All in all, I’m pretty sure everything on the menu would have been fantastic, but I would still strongly recommend the massaman curry. *Drool*

If you’re planning to take friends or visitors there, it would be best to go a little early (4ish), line up to get on the waitlist, then have a stroll around before making a perfect 6pm dinner. The line to get on the waitlist was still as long when we left, bellies satisfied.

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  • Cool! You are in my hometown!! The Massaman curry looks amazing. I’ll have to visit here the next time I’m back home.

    • This was actually from a while back, I just kept forgetting to post it 😛 I will be back again in a few months! Can’t wait to check out some more eateries <3
      Definitely try this place – and I have another review coming out soon for another Asian fusion restaurant in Melbourne that's just as good, but with a different style to Chin Chin 🙂

      • Nice! I’m looking forward to your review and hearing all about it.

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