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Burger Liquor | Wellington

Every day of the week, Burger Liquor welcomes hungry guests from 2-5pm with open arms and a tantalising $15 deal.

The deal includes a standard burger, a standard drink (I think the choice is between a beer and a non-alcoholic drink), and standard fries. Fries are $5, and because we had two people, we asked if we could pool together and get one poutine ($10) instead of 2 servings of fries. The waitress was momentarily uncertain, but cheerfully obliged nonetheless with a ‘yeah, it’s probably okay!’

Love that NZ attitude ^^

view inside burger liquor
The burger joint is pretty large, across 3 shop fronts. It’s also nice to see the kitchen but for it to be fairly closed off for less oily air in the customer space
wall art and high tables
All the walls are covered in street art. It’s much more exciting than standard burger joints which start looking a bit old
Brooklyn Lager with Hard Liquor menu
Beeeeer. I rarely have beer, but Burger liquor has a huge selection of drinks as one section of it is a proper bar.
burger beer and poutine
The order! We got the same burgers and drinks~

burger and beer

The burger was really good! Didn’t feel too fatty but it was still really filling, and the bun was really nice too. Good portion size overall! I usually don’t drink beer, but it was pretty good 🙂


The poutine was the highlight of the meal. I like how they added mushroom for texture, and a quality serving of gravy and cheese. Of course, not cheese curd and it’s a little odd that it was stringy cheese, but the cheese melted sufficiently. I think melted mozzarella in poutine is better than unmelted cheese curd.

If you’re hungry for a burger and it’s still early in the day, I highly encourage you to visit Burger Liquor with a mate and grab this deal right before 5pm. For the price that I’d usually have to pay for just a gourmet burger in Auckland, here you can get a (delicious) burger AND beer AND fries or a shared poutine. That’s a quality deal!

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  • David Wilson

    The food looks delicious.If your travels ever bring you near Akron,Ohio,I recommend Swenson’s,or Whitey’s for an excellent burger.I used to have a Love relationship with beer.In one day I put away almost forty 12 oz. beers,yes I was quite intoxicated! I used to get drunk all the time.It has now been 25 yrs. since the last time I had an alcoholic beverage.Is the weather getting cool this time of year in New Zealand? We are just around the corner from summer here in Ohio. 🙂