Pre-summer Workout: Weeks 5 & 6 (-1.6kg)


The half-marathon is now over, and I am easing back into my bikini body workout!

If you haven’t read my week 1&2 regime, and week 3&4 regime, I would suggest reading those first because this post will make a lot more sense with all the explanation from my earlier posts.


Once again, I would like to re-iterate that I am no health or fitness guru. My learnings are all from extensive browsing of the internet, blogs, reddit subs, and recommendations from friends and colleagues who are real into fitness. I have a competitive sporting background and I monitor the state of my body every morning and through my workouts to determine how much I can push myself to do, so my regime is probably too intense for the average person. Anyhow, observe observe observe and REST if you feel your body is not up to it!!


Let’s get to the routine!


Starting weight: 57.5kg

I actually finished the week on 56.5 measured morning of the marathon, but then I went crazy on food after the race so I actually started the week a kg heavier wtf. I was super disappointed in myself, but I now know that my body physically loathes unhealthy food cause I felt so physically horrible after, so at least something good came out of the binge!

Week 5

Food: 1200cal/day (tracker: My Fitness Pal)

No calorie goal for any meals, but I’m clearing out the fridge so my macros are real wack

Water: 2000mL/day^ (tracker: Plant Nanny)


Monday – evening: 4km jog to the gym (7.5mins/km pace), BBG* week 5 Monday circuits (2x each circuit)

I was going to jog home too, but this BBG day happened to be legs and cardio so I decided to leave it at just 4km.

Tuesday – evening: BBG* week 5 Wednesday circuits (2x each circuit), extensive flexibility stretching

Decided not to do my morning Powerade run. Legs were a little sore and really need a rest.

Wednesday – morning: Powerade run; evening: BBG* week 5 Monday circuits (2x each circuit), extensive flexibility stretching

Arms were REALLY dead after Tuesday, so I just did the Monday circuits again since my legs had recovered

Took a week long break in between as I was on vacation in Fiji for 5 days, and decided to rest until Saturday the week after. At which point I thought I may as well resume where I left off, still on week 5 circuits.

Saturday – 1.5km run warm-up, and BBG* week 5 Friday circuits (2x each circuit)

Sunday – rest

I weighed in Sunday morning at 56.3kgs. My weight yo-yo’ed like crazy through the vacation as my food intake and physical exertion were completely unmeasurable. Getting back to the 1200cal daily calorie goal wasn’t difficult, but getting into the routine of early nights and exercise every morning was!


Week 6

Food: 1200cal/day (tracker: My Fitness Pal)

Water: 2000mL/day^ (tracker: Plant Nanny)


Monday – 1.5km run warm-up, and BBG* week 6 Monday circuits (2x each circuit)

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 750m run warm-up, and BBG* week 6 Wednesday circuits (2x each circuit)

I only had half an hour on Wednesday for gym, so the 5 minute warmup run only took me to 750m. 10 minutes of running is a much better distance for warmup I think.

Thursday – rest day

Woke to a leg cramp. Completely ruined the day ;w;

Friday – 2km warmup, 3km HIIT run, BBG* week 6 Friday circuits (2x each circuit), 8 10kg squats, 8 15kg squats, 3x 8 20kg squats

 First time trying to squat heavier weights. Took a couple tries but I’m stuck at 20kg for now cause I can’t even lift up 25kg x’D

Saturday – 1.5km jog, 1.5km HIIT run, 3 sets 8x 20kg squats, 15x 8kg russian twists, 15x scissor kicks, 15x leg raises with hip raise, 15x ab bikes

Felt absolutely nothing on my abs tbh. Legs and glutes were sore though

Sunday – rest day (planning to go hard on Monday!)


Weight at the end of week 6: 55.9kg (-1.6kg)


^ 2000mL Water consumption does not include what’s consumed during gym session

*BBG = Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (week 1-12)


Oh and what’s up with the feature image of the aqua trike, you ask? Well when I was in Fiji, this looked like a lot of fun. Biking on water right outside the resorts – guaranteed beautiful views right? Indeed, it was really fun, but also it was ridiculously effective cardio. The treads on the wheels have VERY little traction in the water, and on top of that it takes a bit of work to get the wheels turning against the water anyway. All in all, my mom and I were on the aqua trike for perhaps 15 minutes or so (with me doing 90% of the work no kidding), and I woke up the next day to a visibly larger thigh gap.

Not saying the thigh gap is something to measure against, but it was a pretty clear indicator that the aqua trike made a darn good workout. If you’re on a tropical holiday and urgently need some intensive but enjoyable cardio to burn off your buffet breakfast, definitely give this a go with a hat and a healthy dose of sunscreen beforehand!


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  • David Wilson

    It sounds like you’re really taking care of your health,good job! This might be kind of random,but I did some math and I figured out that I get about 700 calories a day just from my coffee..YIKES!! I am a true coffee lover and I have a certain way that I make my coffee.I start with fresh whole bean coffee which I purchase in small quantities so it stays fresh.I get about 70% decaf and 30% Sumatran coffee beans to cut down on the caffeine.I fresh grind each cup right before I brew it.There are oils in the beans and as soon as you grind them the oils start to evaporate,affecting the flavor.I add the following to my coffee: Nestle’s Nesquick chocolate powder,half-and-half,and chocolate flavored coffee creamer.My coffee is delicious and people I work with have tasted it and said so.I make one in the morning and one in the evening.I am a little overweight for my height,but not real bad.I suspect if I cut out the coffee I could get my weight closer to where it should be.I went to New York City about a month ago and purchased six cups of coffee during the two day trip.None of it was as good as what I make at home and I really started to miss it and was anxious to get back to my coffee the way I like it! 🙂