NZFW 2015: Saturday

First of all, I’d like to thank Elise at The Confetti Room for giving me the chance to attend with a GA ticket! If it weren’t for Elise, I don’t think I would have attended fashion week this year at all.


I also want to thank Arietta at KnotJustAScarf who saw that I was keen on NZFW and brought me into the CLEO weekend show featuring RUBY, HOLY CHIC, COOP, and BONDS!


Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my DSLR so I’m reduced to snatching photos from CLEO. And they only showed one of my favourite outfits :L


holy chic
Look by HOLY CHIC. Photo by Holly Burgess


This dress would be perfect for work! The design is super cute, and it looked lightweight yet drapey enough to be flowy. The length is just perfect too <3


There’s also a dress from RUBY which I absolutely adored – unfortunately I can only show you the stock photo from the RUBY e-store, but it looked so so many times better on the runway model!!


RUBY gin pleat gown
RUBY gin pleat gown


COOP also showed a strappy shoulder-less mid-waist sundress and long white lace cardi which I rather liked, but weren’t exceptional.


Arietta and I also shopped ourselves some lonely – they were doing 5 sets for $200 but we’re both stingy, so we split it and got 5 items each! Got the discount without spending the $$$ hehehe


We also snagged some O.P.I and other goodie bag items *^^*


And of course, photos!

nzfw 2015 pandora
Good job Pandora, for making this photo backdrop so beautiful that I’d happily post it everywhere for you hehe


My outfit for the day wasn’t particularly exciting, which was why I didn’t make a post on it. The dress is from Luxe Rose, one of my favourite items from the lucky bag I purchased from them this January:


checkered black dress


And I threw on my D.I.A shaggy cardi over it, and wore my tall black over-the-knee boots for that extra leg length <3


All in all, Saturday was a huge rush but also a lot of fun. Perhaps I will be more prepared for NZFW 2016? One can hope! 😛




Did you attend NZFW this year? What were your favourite pieces?


  • I did attend NZFW – I saw the ITZME and Julian Danger show on Wednesday and loved the Julian Danger clothes!

    • I didn’t know of those brands before, but totally agree! Julian Danger is so perfect for the office!

      Do you attend NZFW every year? :O