My 21st Birthday! (and presents!) [Confetti]

Today (better be) a post spam, to catch up on at least some of the backlogged posts this year!!

I’d feel so bad if I let them run into the new year lol…

Anyway, my birthday was on the 5th, so I had a little dinner in Nov to celebrate with my friends that were going overseas. This bigger 21st party, I decided to hold with two high school friends ( P & T as captioned in the photos) since we’re all born in December and our friend circles are like, 90% the same lol #antisocialme

We had a simple barbeque in my back yard, and it was all just very chill *thank goodness*

The decoration was (truthfully) pretty last minute, but I think it looked really good with all the colors and stuff hehe. Super happy with a childish and playfully decorated 21st birthday ❤

We decided not to get catering, and made everything ourselves :3

Big thank you to all our friends that helped out on the day! And also E for the photos! ❤❤❤

Here are some photos from the day!

More pictures on the original blog post!