Kate Spade NY (T Galleria) Opening Party

I was typing up the last entry to the 30 Days of Gyaru challenge, when thought – y’know what? This party deserves its own post.


After all, it already consumed about 30 photos’ worth of memory on my phone! I have never taken this many un-spammy photos in the course of an hour before.


I was in the middle of dinner on Tuesday, when lo and behold, I see a message from Arietta at Knot Just A Scarf.

This is not common, as Arietta is such a busy person. We meet every so often, usually at a fashion or beauty event, and tag each other in fashion, beauty, or food stuff on facebook. So to get a message from her, I knew immediately that there’s something exciting coming up!


Words cannot describe how gleeful I was when she said that Kate Spade was opening in Galleria, and to ask IF I WANTED TO GO to the launch party.

WOULD I!? I’ve been eyeing the Cedar Street Maize since June or July when the bf went to to Adelaide! Heck yes I wanted to go!!

The excitement was real yo


The party was actually really full – they had quite a sizeable crowd for a store space that was about the same size as the Tiffany store. When I go to the galleria, it’s only ever to check out Tiffany & co. so I really don’t have any other store to reference off haha


On a slight side track – the DFS galleria in downtown Auckland has been renamed T Galleria. I believe all the non-airport DFS gallerias have been rebranded to T (for travel) galleria, while their airport stores would go by a different name.

Back to the party.


We had the most amazing macarons – in chocolate, or walnut variety


Munched on sliders WAY too close to the merchandise


And tried on several bags – here, here, and here


They ran a couple of giveaways also –

One where you win a Tiffany & co. bangle if you spend over $350 (roughly 1 bag will cover that)

And another where you pose with your favourite bag in front of a wall, and they pick the person they think was most creative. That person gets to keep the bag they posed with.


Guess who the second competition was won by? A lady who did a handstand and hung her chosen bag off her shoe. In the air. The base side of the shoe that has touched goodness knows where.


I guess they had to give it to her. You certainly can’t put that back on the shelves, surely?


Another lady did a bridge and held the wallet she chose between her teeth. Arietta said they couldn’t give it to her because the wallet didn’t even show up in the photo, but I hope that wallet’s not going back on the shelves?


A third girl was also lucky and truly won the creativity competition – they let her choose a set of accessories and take that home.



The gift bag we received was pretty nice – had a Mr. Vintage printed tee which is soon to be one of my many sleeping tees, and a Kate Spade makeup pouch


kate spade spot makeup pouch


The spots are actually red, but I put the photo through a filter to warm and brighten the photo…. and now it doesn’t look red at all lol -.-;


One small bone I had to pick with the event was that they used red ribbons to identify who was on the guestlist and who was not. For those that don’t know, red inelastic string on the wrist has a particular meaning in recent years (read more here) and even though their theme color was Red, the guestlist marking really could have been conducted in a slightly better way.

Arietta also mentioned that using white ribbons also wouldn’t be good. In Asian culture, white symbolises death.

Watch out even organisers for these subtle things!! It wasn’t actually a huge deal, but for some reason I am still thinking about it even now.


Most memorable though, was the bag I initially fell in love with.

I absolutely adored the cedar street maize in the watermelon pink color!! (shown below)



I’m still thinking about getting it. It’s not a must, but it is rather pretty and totally fits my aesthetic.

What were the odds they would release a version of it in my favourite BABY PINK color???



Overall, the launch party was a fantastic way to spend my Thursday evening. Putting aside the dramas and the wtfs and the I-wish-that-was-me, it was a thoroughly entertaining launch party and I am still super happy that Kate Spade now has a channel for sales in NZ 😀