Auckland’s Street of Christmas Lights [Confetti]

So last night, my mom was super motivated to go out (instead of staying home watching the telly drinking wine), so we decided to go for a walk down my wifey’s road (Honeysuckle Lane) to see their Christmas lights.

Honeysuckle Lane is pretty well known on the shore for being the most cheerfully decorated road during xmas, but this year several households seem to have withdrawn from the annual tradition :/

I kinda miss the house that used to even open their garage to display some religious scenes :’(

So my mom and I went to Honeysuckle, decided after a short walk that it wasn’t quite festive enough.

So we drove back home, put on makeup, did our hair, changed clothes, got all dolled up and went to THE best xmas deco-ed street in Auckland, if not the whole of New Zealand- Franklin Road, Ponsonby.

Christmas lights galore ❤❤❤

christmas lights on trees