Day 1 | 30 Days of Gyaru Challenge

This is the first post to the 30 days of Gyaru challenge!


Today’s challenge is:

When did you start dressing gyaru?


Wow, what a fantastically basic but complex question to start off with!


The easy answer would be that I started at the end of high school…

But I think there is was a little more to how it all began than… just that.


In my first two years of high school, I was super into FZL (fei zhu liu / anti-mainstream) style. Unfortunately, FZL was a quickly dying style, so I wanted to look for another style that was ‘different’ but still cute. Around that time, I felt like I had depleted all the anime I could get my paws on, so I look around at what other weirdness Japan had to offer and voila – I found gyaru!


To be entirely correct, I became interested in gyaru fashion around year 11, but the time when I felt I started dressing gyaru would be at the end of year 13 when I dyed my hair blonde the first time.


gyaru began with blonde
First blonde – was actually strawberry ginga 😛


It’s been 5 years since then, and looking back, my interest in gyaru fashion has impacted on my life in different magnitudes over time. But overall, it’s made a massive difference on my perspective on life and people.

I could go on a massive long spiel about the history of gyaru, the movement and what it stands for, how gyaru fits into the society and the problems that have been faced etc., but there’s probably already a post like that somewhere on the web written 10x more eloquently than I could ever manage.


All in all, I am glad that I found the gyaru style back in high school.

Because it is so much more than just fashion; it is culture, and I believe it has made me a better person.




Check out my aeons old introductory post in which I go through my fashion history in greater detail :3