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UNDERGROUND and revisit to Meet Fresh


Since Fashion week is on this week, I thought I should post quickly so as not to have a huge build-up of posts that are way out of date *cough Europe cough Japan cough cough cough*
Day before yesterday, I went to the UNDERGROUND exhibition which showcases new work from a mix of established, emerging, and new designers.
Silly me not only forgot to bring my DSLR but also my phone wtf. Once in a blue moon occurrence, but it was the worst day to forget my phone :(((

crowd. people. everywhere.

Thankfully, JY was free and came with me to the exhibition so she let me use her iPhone for photos! Maybe next time I will remember to bring my camera eh ><;

Blue Blank


Meadowlark was the brand I wanted to see the most *v*
Did not disappoint, though I was too shy to take closeups without my camera camera QAQ

Thprks (pronounce: the parks)

I don’t understand this. It’s lovely to look at but supposedly it’s not a brand or company but just an installation……

Jason Lingard

The water feature is pretty cool, is it visible in the photos?? QAQ

Jimmy D

Not really my thing aye…

Jojo Ross. The photographer on the right is not part of the installation.

 My favourite installation! Ok I’m getting pretty sick of the whole black hand thing (can anyone tell I’m not like a massive fan of Lorde?) but i liked the white cala lilies painted black.

And this model is so gorgeous. And has awesome eyes. Her contacts omg.

In the evening my mom suddenly decided that she wanted to go out. I told her a new place had opened up (Meet Fresh) and she just had to try it. Right. Now. Sometimes I feel like she’s younger than I am, what with all that energy and spontaneity. hahaha
We stopped by Gloria Jeans first.
Not like we had coffee before or anything. One can never have too many mugs of coffee in a day.
Taro Ball #3
We finally got to Meet Fresh at almost 9pm, and I feared it would be closing. Their international website doesn’t have a mobile friendly version, and the desktop version is just hellish to use on a mobile device because things don’t scrolls correctly and scale out of the page and so on and so forth. Long story short, they need to put up their hours on some NZ foodie sites!!!
Thankfully the store wasn’t closed, and in fact the line almost reached the door! It wasn’t actually too bad for us since we got there at a ‘light’ time. By the time we sat down to wait for our orders, the line had reached the door. Yep. Business looks just as good in week 2.
I ordered another taro ball because they’re really addictive. This one has peanuts too! My mom ordered their specialty herbal jelly, hot.
Said herbal jelly. It’s a right mess….
Ok truth be told, this herbal jelly was actually quite nice. It’s has a much lighter herbal jelly taste than the cold version, but it just looks so unappealing LOL.
Try it though, it’s good. If you don’t remember the name, it is the last item on the ‘recommended items’ list on the counter. 🙂
  • Herbal jelly…. Rings a bell… I think I may have eaten something like that before… But I can’t say for certain….
    Gosh, gotta hate those times when you forget your phone and camera, but at least you still managed to take some good pics! ^^

  • Hehe it has a very….distinctive flavor :p you can get it in cans from Asian supermarkets! Are there Asian specialty supermarkets in Zurich? x.x
    I know right! As a blogger, I’m such a disappointment how could I!!! </3
    Hehe thank youuu! The exhibits look so awesome ne :3