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Street Eats / Miss Clawdy / Meet Fresh / The MF Gatecrashers


I haven’t posted much since semester started… It’s been a lot more work than I expected ^^; guess I should have been more proactive in the last week of my holidays haha~
Anyway, part of the reason I haven’t been posting is because my weekends have been spent going out but with people who don’t take photos of everything hahaha so then I don’t have photos for my blog… I still feel a little awkward being “that one person” who takes a million photos of everything everywhere I go ><
Yesterday was the annual Street Eats event down at Queen’s Wharf. I try my best to attend all the food and other public events around, mostly just to see the crowd haha

Street Eats managed to attract a lot of people yay! But it was rather disappointing (imho) for a number of reasons:
1. Not enough vendors
2. Lines were ridiculously long (because of 1)
3. Products weren’t really ‘street food’
4. Prices certainly were not ‘street food’ appropriate
5. Prices were wayyy too high for what you’d get.
Even though the covered area was huge, it felt like there were no more than 12 vendors? And outside there were 3 or 4. Out of the entire event only the $5 burgers from the Food Truck seemed alright and they sold out (pretty early I would think).
Mexico had the coolest stall *v* the line for Orleans (the stall right of Mexico) goes wayy beyond the pole on the right side of this photo. It stretches across the entire hall.

The long skewers of stuff at the bottom left look awesome, but at $10 you can only get 4 prawns. Not the entire long skewer. Just 4.
I actually went with TTY and VYL who both agreed that everything was way overpriced, so we ended up going around Wynyard Quarter and eating at Miss Clawdy.
I don’t eat out often, so pretty much every time I do, it’s at some place I’ve never been before haha.
Miss Clawdy is really cute. The interior is nicely decorated and cosy, reminds me of The Depot a bit but cuter. They serve cinnamon popcorn while you wait for your order which I thought was a nice touch. Those popcorns are addictive.

I had cajun hushpuppies with spicy tomato relish, andouille sausage & gouda which is a side dish but imo has enough carbs to serve as a main. First time ordering hushpuppies ever, thank goodness it wasn’t too oily ><

I also ordered a key lime pie with torched meringue. Everything apart from the meringue was great. I was expecting actual meringue but no…it’s that fake cream stuff they use in Taiwanese cake stores 🙁 which also means that the torched part was very soft and disappointing :((

Afterwards we went and visited the newly opened Meet Fresh dessert shop!

VYL said that the line would take half an hour and I wouldn’t believe her. Our wait in line & waiting for our orders really did take half an hour ==;

VYL’s house specialty herbal jelly (cold)
I’m quite impartial to the taste of herbal jelly but this was strongggggg

My taro ball #1 order
All their items are numbered. And the stuff inside each order is printed sooo tiny that it’s incredibly hard to read the chinese characters. Thankfully everything is written in English too.

Close-up of my order. It’s actually really nice as a snack. Just has heaps and heaps of carbs and sugar…

I actually wanted to get their bowl in the photo because it looks so much better than the takeaway cup and we were eating there anyway, but they accidentally put my order in a takeaway cup :/

At least everything is recyclable!

It’s a little on the sweet side, but honestly quite good! Definitely going there again ASAP ~

In the evening I met up with Arietta (Knot Just A Scarf) to attend the Marr Factory MF Gatecrashers show. We decided to go there at 4, because doors open at 5 and Arietta said it would be super packed so we should go early. Turns out the show is actually due to start at 6, and the show ACTUALLY started at about 6:20. The fashion scene really is something huh…>>;

Well, waiting wasn’t too bad, we had fun discussing NZ fashion, the outfits of the people attending (lol) and life ^^

One thing I really can’t can’t can’t stand is the amount of chain smoking that goes on. I usually don’t see many smokers at all, and then all of a sudden in this place every second person is smoking.

Photo of all the smoke, courtesy of KJAS

Actually, no, every 3/4 people were smoking. Non-stop. By the time the show started, we were choking / having coughing fits. Even now (more than 12 hours since the show) I still feel like my nose is a bit dead and fresh air doesn’t smell fresh anymore wtf. I did always think that I would want to get into the NZ fashion scene and blog about it but if I have to inhale all this secondhand smoke, I’m re-evaluating whether it’s something worth stepping into…

Selfie after the show! They had nice lighting for the models before they entered hahaha we weren’t the only ones making good use of the lighting equipment post-show! Arietta looks so young…what a babyface! *^^*

Oh yes I dyed my hair this week with Freshlight Champagne Pink! It’s obviously a tone lighter than it used to be, which I’m quite happy with, but unfortunately the pink tinge is fading at the speed of light… Guess I will be touching up a color in September rather than October as I had originally planned…

Some photos from Knot Just A Scarf of the looks I liked. In no particular order because the models didn’t come out by designer and I cbb searching through the designers’ collections to find out which look was whose.

The models are so pretty wtf ;w;
Meanwhile I stood out like a sore thumb with my casual gal look… Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to show up in cult party kei? hehe
My outfit for the day. 100% not winter friendly.

  • Love your outfit!
    And yes, I’m usually always that one person stopping to take a million and one photos… But who cares, I need them!!! ^__^
    I’m still waiting for your posts about Europe and co…. hint hint… but yes, it’s time consuming so I’ll be patient and wait!

  • Thank you!! *^^*
    Hehe I do have the one you’re waiting for typed up and all ready to go! But I want to upload them in the order I travelled QAQ kjwefioaenfwk I will get the first one up today!! Since I said I’ll start this month and it’s the last day of the month LOL I’m so pro at procrastinating……;;;;