Sale: Wild Pair haul!

Yay! A momentary divergence from the month-long challenge!! 😀


Last weekend, I saw that Wild Pair had a factory store with an 80% off sale sign. This was the office on Apollo Drive in Rosedale.


Unfortunately, they only operated on office hours, so I decided to trade in some of my weekend time in exchange for afternoon shopping today!!


These are the items I purchased –


little one dash top grey
Grey Dash Top by Little One. RRP $39.90, purchased for $19.90


mink pink white shorts
White shorts by Mink Pink. RRP $89.90, purchased for $39.90

The shorts are clasped with 3 buttons hidden behind a panel, and the visible one at the top.


dahli rum beach shorts
Beach blue rum shorts by DAHLi. RRP $79.90, purchased for $29.90


lipstik fishermann gold clear jelly sandals
Fishermann gold (clear with gold glitter) jelly sandals by Lipstik. RRP above $19.90 (as that was the discounted sticker price on them), purchased for $2.99




I know, everything is super basic and not my usual weekend gyaru style, but they look fantastic on fit people like Kerina.

I think I’ve just been influenced by her outfits on my instagram feed too much haha.

My bf was so speechless. Funnily enough he knew about the turtleneck knit crop trend and facepalmed. At least it was only $20 😛


My total purchase came down to $92.96, for the 4 items together! Not a super saver, but the quality of the goods are well enough that it’s definitely worth purchasing.


There was also a playsuit that I really loved but it was a sample. For $50. There was only one (my size thankfully) but it had scuff marks all over and even a whole in outer lining in the back.


Anyway, if you want to check out the sale, they may still be open next week. There was HEAPS of stock left when I went over and it’s honestly a fantastic opportunity if you like Wild Pair’s stock.


Wild Pair Rosedale details can be found here.

Check them out if you can!! 😀

  • Totally! They had two whole boxes of them in various colors, but it’s a novelty item, so I stuck to just the one 😛

    They had heaps of designer samples too! *V*

  • I didn’t know about that shop! Its so near where I live, so I really should go there

    • Definitely! The size of that sale is double the size of a normal Wild Pair store!