Portmans Bargain Buys

More shopping!?


Yes, I know, I have been shopping way too much.


I really wasn’t planning to buy any more clothes this month, but I had to go to Albany mall yesterday, and happened to run into this sale.


Portmans (which usually has a good wall of discounted items) was doing a storewide 25% off sale!! More amazingly, it was 25% off regardless of whether items were already discounted or not 😀


It’s actually been at least half a year since I last bought something from Portmans. They went through a phase of colorful printed dresses that were not suited for my age, but the current new stock is very CUE-like. I haven’t tried any of them, so I’m not sure if the cut is actually flattering. But on the racks at least, the new stock looks really good!


Yesterday I bought just two items. Of course, the two items were on sale to begin with, but I’m glad I waited until now to purchase them because the 25% off knocked the entire purchase to almost 60% off!


The first is a simple flared black dress with a natural waist and faux pockets on both sides. The faux pockets have a satin trim which brightens up the dress just enough to not look boring. There’s also a single pleat down the centre, which doesn’t look flattering when the dress is hung but actually gives the dress a really nice shape when worn. The length is a perfect 5 cm above my knees. CAN THIS DRESS BE MORE PERFECT? xD

I’ve been looking for a formal black dress for work since the start of this year, and now I finally have it!! So so so happy that I managed to nab it at a substantial discount too!!!


portmans black dress
Black dress, by Portmans. RRP 120NZD, purchased for $45NZD


The second item is a pair of simple black jeans. They’re medium in thickness, and just the right length – ending a few cm below my ankles. I’ve been looking for fitted jeans for a while as the three that I have right now are all too big for me and range from 3 to 6 years old.

Portmans had heaps of jeans on sale – mostly size 12/14 or 6. Some were as cheap as $30 PRE-25% OFF!! There was a $30 navy blue pair I really wanted but regrettably, the size 8 they had ran small so it looked terrible on me 🙁


Portmans black jeans pants
Black jeans, by Portmans. RRP 90NZD, purchased for 45NZD


Until next shop! 😛


  • David Wilson

    I’m thinking that the dress would look nice with some sort of belt worn with it as an accessory,along with a hairclip that has a small powder-blue flower in your hair.You should post a photo of an outfit you put together with it.I’m amazed that you describe yourself as a foodie,and yet can fit small sizes of clothing! 🙂

    • Yes for sure!

      I haven’t worn it yet. It’s so formal that I wouldn’t wear it usually for work :/

      A lot of competitive eaters are small too! Check out this girl (I’ve been watching heaps of her videos recently)

      • David Wilson

        Yes,she looks very fit! Good videos too.The food in her videos looks really delicious,in fact,I’m hungry after watching it!! She definitely seems like a foodie! 😀