NorthWest Shopping Centre Opening Haul

Last Wednesday, a fantastic new shopping destination opened in Auckland!


Obviously, mall openings are not a common occurence. God only knows how long I’ve been waiting for NorthWest Shopping Centre to open, since the initial announcement of its construction was released.


The mall is fairly convenient to reach, right off a motorway and only about 20 minutes from my house. Bonus points for being next to a giant Pak’n Save and a mega Mitre 10 (new dwelling for mom and I). Across the main road is also an existing shopping area with stores like Dick Smith and Kathmandu and some others that appear to be of little significance to me. And what’s better – the land around NorthWest is still being cleared! With so much land, NorthWest is bound to be a busy hub I will frequent in the next year or two ^^


Anyway, onto what I bought!


Wild Pair had a $20 off for $100+ spent offer. I was really only after the shoes (to replace my current comfy travel shoes), but for the sake of getting the discount, I purchased the top at its original price. ITS FREAKIN’ INSANE ORIGINAL PRICE. /fliptable


natural conzumel linen with gum sole
Natural conzumel inen flats with gum sole. RRP 50NZD, purchased for 40NZD


FINK top in white
FINK top in white. RRP 90NZD, purchased for 80NZD


80NZD. Horrendous right? But it was so perfect for Fiji and I wanted that discount so much :'(

Considering I was fully prepared to purchase the flats with no discount (and then added this top after), I could tell myself the top is $70.

It doesn’t make me feel any better -_-;


Farmers in NorthWest had the most lovely household section. It was the ENTIRE UPPER FLOOR.

I could live there.

In fact, the diffuser section smelled so beautiful that I splurged on my first diffuser. Well, the first diffuser I ever paid for. At 50% off, I could live with the splurge.


Botanical white lily and jasmine diffuser
Botanical white lily and jasmine diffuser, by The Aromatherapy Co. RRP 40NZD, purchased for 20NZD


It looks so pretty because unlike the standard bamboo or wood sticks, this diffuser uses a string attached to the flower which sits atop the pot.


Botanic white lily and jasmine diffuser
Botanic white lily and jasmine diffuser assembled. Apologies for the terrible low light photo :L


I also purchased a rose quartz long necklace which I’ve been eyeing for a while. Probably will take this to Fiji too


Project X diamante bar necklace
Diamante bar necklace, by Project X. RRP 15NZD, purchased at 10.50NZD


I also purchased a Max skirt, but from the Albany mall. Northwest Wild Pair ran out of size 8 in the white top I purchased, so I had to pick the top up from Albany Westfield shopping centre. Naturally, more shopping had to be done while we’re there, right?


ponti drape skirt by max
Ponti drape skirt by Max. RRP 100NZD, purchased for 40NZD


The Max skirt is just something simple for work. Not sure if you can see, but there’s a few layers of diagonal draping from the left hip to the front.


Mom and I also enjoyed a chocolate cake (slightly dry) and coffees at Majestic Tea Bar prior to the prize draw for a Honda car.

Which I didn’t win, by the way. Just in case you were curious :'(



Their tea cups are soo super cute. Perfect for lolita tea parties <3


Outfit for the day-


  • You are so cute always hanging out with your mom!! 🙂

    • We spend a lot of time together as we don’t have other immediate family in NZ ^^

  • David Wilson

    I Love the black skirt and was already putting together an outfit in my mind XD I think it would look great with a sweater the same color as the blue hanger it’s on,white stockings,and black high heel boots.You’re going to Fiji (´⊙ω⊙`)!? Have fun! I marvel at how many bloggers are always going to different countries! Me, I can barely afford to drive my car from Ohio to New York City a few times a year.I do,though,spend a lot of money on my habit of renting airplanes 😀

    • Haha yes it would 🙂

      Thank you! I (thankfully) do not have that many bills and things to pay, so I am making the most of my freedom right now xD
      And yes, I don’t rent airplanes – one less expensive hobby! haha

  • The price for that top is kuh-razzeeeee. But it’s so adorbs and would be so perfect for a tropical beach paradise look omglob. Also that diffuser is so pretty sighhhhh <3

    • I KNOW RIGHT OMG I balked so hard. But. But. I’ve been looking at tops like these for the past few months and every other one I saw had bad fabric / bad lace / bad cut, or all of the three ;-;
      $90 was freakin insane though /sigh. Most expensive non-work clothing in a loooong time ;-;

      The diffuser is really strong! haha I had it in my room for 2 days but had to move it to my computer room – the scent was almost overwhelming (though still lovely) x’D