Late night shopping- as usual

If you saw your blog views go up dramatically today thanks to some small dot in the ocean/sea below Australia, that was me.

Tenshi-nee and Ice-nee are going to Japan soon, and they offered to help me hunt down stuff~~
*feeling super loved*

So yeah, in anticipation of their shopping trips, I am hunting down the items I would like them to keep an eye out for.

However, I’m finding it REALLY HARD to track down all the old prints and ma*rs items!
Like, I know someone in the gyaru comm has them, but it’s a mission and a half to find who, and then to find a picture of high enough quality to send to Tenshi and Ice T_T

If only there’s an archive? Like I think there’s an archive online of all the items that AP has come out with. Or maybe it was BTSSB. Regardless, lolitas are very organised…

I guess I’ll have to accept that there are prints I may never get my hands on….*sigh*

Anywho, today I’ve gone through JD, Ma*rs and D.I.A (only belts lol, gonna be cheap and buy clothes on taobao since they look just as good anyway le).
I think tomorrow I will add some babydoll type lolita OPs too. Some can work super casual or with gyaru too ~

12.30am- time to sleep