Fukubukuro, and presents from Japan!

I’ll start with the presents-

So for my birthday which was on Dec 5, my wifey and Tenshi-neechan decided to buy me presents from Japan. They understand me so well! :’)

So I don’t know the details of my presents yet, but I do know there is a Metamorphose Lucky Pack (either light or dark. They wouldn’t tell me)!
This is what is released on Meta’s site

My wifey has hinted that my set is very matching, which is a big phew, but I’m really curious what the skirt print is!? I really hope its the rose one on top! Love roses so much >w<
However she has also hinted that the prints are very different from the images….so it’s very likely my  print is not on the website @_@ I’m happy that it will be a new print, but also anxious since I have no idea what it’s like!! ><

But really, when it’s Metamorphose, I bet all of them look great ❤

In preparation, I am ordering some lolita shoes (finally) from taobao. They’re gonna be a horror to ship but I cannot taint a Meta outfit with non-lolita shoes! ><

Also, wifey has said that Tenshi-nee will come with the first half of my presents so I guess I get other stuff too!? I feel so spoilt!!! eep!!

Today, being the 2nd of Jan is the big fukubukuro grab!

I am super super thankful that セーラ (link to her instagram) of my gyarusa (Hana Emi Dolls) happens to be going for the notoriously difficult to obtain D.I.A fukubag this year and is grabbing me one too!
Success! I screamed when I saw this photo ><!!
This is the ad on d.i.a spec’s facebook page

I kid you not, I spent the whole morning blogging, but actually I was stalking fb to see if セーラ succeeded ><;
I owe her big time! Esp since she had to drag herself out of bed at 3am for the fukubukuros! ><
Japanese gyarus are so crazy lol, I don’t think NZ people would do stuff like that if we had fukubukuro.
Though granted, Black Friday in the states is pretty insane too…
Anyway, I will know if she manages to snag Ma*rs items and the D.I.A belt I wanted tonight, but she’s still shopping right now. I was just too excited and had to post this first hahaha
This will be the year. I will stock up my wardrobe with brand gyaru and lolita, and next year I will travel to Japan and return all the favors!