Forever New Bargain Buys!

I don’t think this is the first time this month that I’ve said I should stop shopping.


But I should really stop shopping LOL


I went to Albany mall for the sole purpose of getting my nails extended yesterday (see my October nails here), but ended up having a shop around as usual.


I truly wasn’t planning to buy anything because my bank account is actually in the red, but when the items I’d been eyeing in Forever New finally went on sale and IN MY SIZE (all too common size 8)…. how could I say no?


I purchased 2 new items~ *happiness*


This baby blue chiffon top had been on my watchlist for several months now. Since it came out, basically.

It’s only very slightly see through, and fantastic for the office.

I’m drifting towards a smart casual look for the office now, and with summer temperatures fast approaching (finally) I can’t wait to wear this out!


Alison lace insert tank forever new
Alison lace insert tank, by Forever New. RRP 70NZD, purchased for 35NZD


Now these jeans.

These jeans fit PERFECTLY.

Rarely do western brands have jeans that fit ME well. But these, omg, these are perfection.

I was apprehensive at first because the price tag was $69 when I grabbed it off the rack, but still tried it on because the RRP was $109 and that’s a good $40 off haha

Then when I went to pay, the shop staff said my total was $70.




Turns out the $35 price sticker must have fallen off the tag on the jeans!


Seriously, when was the last time you found $35 jeans in NZ?


These jeans totally made my day hehe


Lily high rise ankle grazer jeans in indigo, forever new
Lily high rise ankle grazer jeans (indigo), by Forever New. RRP 110NZD, purchased for 35NZD


They’re a nice simple indigo color. Also usable (and probably will only use) for work ^^;


Forever New bargains are the best bargains! Because the RRP is always so high hahaha


Now if only I could get a retail job there and receive the staff discount…. my wardrobe would be filled with Forever New x’D


  • Is Forever New the same as Ever New? If so, I looove that store *w* The winter coats are soooo nice rn

    • No it’s not, Forever New is an Australian brand that’s been around for maybe 3 or so years? They sell a lot of stuff that was extremely Liz Lisa style, now drifting towards Delyle Noir type styles. This year they even had the bathrobe wrap with fur collar style onee-gal coat xD