Delyle Noir dress and Liz Lisa floral JSK purchase!

End of year sales have begun on Japanese brands!


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After my purchase of the MA*RS Jewel Rose skirt in September, I chilled out for a bit on jfashion. There weren’t many good deals between then and now tbh.


Last month however, I managed to snag a fantastic deal on a classic Liz Lisa style floral print jumperskirt –

Floral JSK, by Liz Lisa. RRP ¥9,396. Purchased for ¥1,879
Floral JSK, by Liz Lisa. RRP ¥9,396. Purchased for ¥1,879


Pretty chuffed with this purchase because I don’t really own anything like this yet. I do have a pink and white skort (sukapan) from when I went to Tokyo in July last year, but it’s not the same kind of floral print that is the signature style of Liz Lisa. Especially now that they’re moving away from this kind of style, I’m really glad I got a piece of it for my wardrobe before it’s all gone.


My most exciting purchase thus far this Christmas season though, has to be my first ever item from Delyle Noir!


I wanted to buy their print items so much last year when I was in Japan, but everything was so darn expensive. Even the items on sale were pretty darn expensive and in the ¥5,000+ range! Ok maybe I’m just being stingy because it is a popular brand so they can price their items accordingly. But I really don’t believe the quality is on par with their price tags.

Finally, today, I tracked down an item that seemed fair to buy! yay~~

Tank Flare dress, by Delyle Noir. RRP ¥8,100. Purchased for ¥3,283
Tank Flare dress, by Delyle Noir. RRP ¥8,100. Purchased for ¥3,283


Yes, this kind of print has been circulating for like 2 years already. It’s pretty much one of the signature prints that you can identify as Delyle Noir as soon as you see it. But, it’s perfect for summer which is coming up in NZ, and I haven’t got a piece like this yet 😀

Nor has anyone else in NZ cause we’re always a couple seasons behind hehe

With shipping included and the cruddy exchange rate from JPY to NZD right now, it wasn’t a huge bargain. But at 50NZD for the dress all inclusive, I think it’s still a better buy than what I can get from Forever New right now ^^


Anyway, fingers crossed there should be some more fantastic deals this year. Last year I wasn’t spotting such prices as early as November, so I think this year will be a good year for shopping ^____^


Keep your eyes peeled – more bargain buys are sure to happen!