Day 9 | 30 Days of Gyaru Challenge

This is the ninth 30 Days of Gyaru challenge!

Today’s challenge is:

Your wish list


My gyaru wishlist is very short at the moment. All I want (as if it’s not a big ask /scoff) are a few items from Emiria Wiz and Rady;


emiriawiz heels
Emiria Wiz Glitter Jewellery Pumps


I have been debating the above heels for the longest time. Since they were released, in fact.

On one hand, they are fantastic and pink and tall and sparkly to no end (even the heels are bejewelled all around).

On the other hand, the heel itself looks quite tacky if you look closely. It’s like a metallic heel with jewels, but that’s not possible so it must be some kind of plastic with a metal sheen painted over?

Anyhow, from far away they must look fabulous as heck so I’ve decided I would like to have them.

RRP? 250NZD /uglysobs


emiriawiz bikini
Emiria Wiz classical rose bikini (cherry pink)


This set of bikini isn’t actually all that exciting. Most of the design relies solely on the print of the fabric, but it’s simple yet bright enough to be attractive at a glance.

My current swim pieces are outdated, and mismatching. I go to the sauna and spas a lot, so my bikinis die rathe quickly. Unfortunately, it’s always either the top or the bottom that goes first – never both.

As a result, I have several bikini items, but none that match in style -_-;


Right now, there are two kinds of bikinis I would like – a conservative sweet design (this) and a sexier fetish inspired strappy bikini.


I think this one may be more wearable out in public, so this one it is.


RRP? 170NZD. /moreuglysobs


rady crystal strap sandals
Rady crystal strap sandals


Previously, in my post about my favourite accessories, I mentioned that most of my accessories are small because otherwise it’s just overbearing. I realised that although my accessories around my head, neck, and hands have to be quite delicate, there isn’t quite as much happening around my legs and feet.

The most I’ll have are painted toenails, and even then they’re usually not anywhere near as elaborate as my fingernails.


This is why, I have an ridiculous obsession with super blinged up and tall heels. Which happen to cost an arm and a leg.






I usually would have one or two items from MA*RS, Princess Melody, Luxe Rose on my wishlist, but their current catalogues are grossly uninteresting, so my wishlist is very small.

D.I.A doesn’t have an online store, or I would probably want a few pieces from them too.

DaTuRa’s still going on the same floral print trend in the same color scheme. Nothing much to see there.

Sneep Dip has some nice items on sale (somewhere in their online catalog). But, they’re similar to what I’ve purchased from DaTuRa already, and the color options to select from don’t really suit me.


In fact, I feel like most of the brands that are aimed at a more out-there younger demographic are moving towards the ane style. MA*RS has hopped on so far into the set-up and floral straight dresses that it might as well be Rady’s little sister brand – albeit without a fantastic print designer.


I miss the signature MA*RS prints from last year and the year before. They were so distinguishable and unique :/




What’s on your gyaru wishlist? Perhaps there are some new brands out there with unique concepts? The market definitely needs some new spurt of inspiration!