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Christmas Lights (pt. 2), Christmas Day, and Boxing Day Haul! [Confetti]

Continuing on my Christmas story of this year…

On the 23rd when we went to Honeysuckle Lane, I only had my phone to take photos with.

My mom was not satisfied with the phone camera quality. She HAD to take a proper photo with the blown up Santa this year or else-…

So today after a nice dinner with some family friends, we sped out the door to view more lights. Can I just say… lol.

First we went to the church nearby- Northcross church started doing a little drive through Bethlehem town dress-up last year, and this year it was super busy!

It’s really nice to see people getting into the xmas spirit and light-viewing at 10pm, but I’m really hoing they’ll make it ‘walk-in only’ next year. Not only was the traffic horrible, and I couldn’t take proper photos, but all those cars just crawling slowly is really bad for the environment!!

Anyway, here are a few photos from Northcross’ Bethlehem: