Thinking of Osaka

I changed phone case again!

The previous case was super annoying. Perhaps it was the case, or my credit card in the case, but my phone kept overheating and I couldn’t play my game. Which is totally important.


Bf went over to aussie for a weekend, and I got him to bring me back this super simple off-white bag from the Forever New sales. There were so so many items on sale even though I was super late to the game. Regardless, I think it was pretty fortunate that the store he visited actually had this bag in stock at all ^^;

The bag was already 40% off or something, plus an additional 25% off as it was the end of their financial year. All in all, it’ll probably be my cheapest fashion grab of this year hehe >w<

Should I go to Aussie or Japan for June next year? Both have end of season sales at this time, but one cannot be in two places at the same time~~ T_T



Still going with my usual weekend gyaru outfits…


outfit ideas: Thinking of Osaka


Outfit breakdown

Top: offbrand (from a small offbrand store in Osaka)

Shorts: Magender

Socks: Farmers department store

Shoes: Wild Pair

Belt: D.I.A

Bag: Forever New

  • Well wow… I somehow did not notice when you had migrated you blog and all… O__O I take it that was some time ago? It looks great! 🙂 I suppose I was preoccupied with other stuff lol… >_<;;

    That really is a cute outfit. I also would like to go to Japan again. Perhaps next time I visit Oz I'll stop off in Tokyo. I have to transit somewhere anyway, so it might as well be there.

    • Haha it was in the progress of moving for about half a year :p
      Only last month I finally decided to iron out most of the visual issues on here and start blogging again ^^; I think we’ve been in the same boat for the past half year with regards to blogging :p

      Thank you! When are you planning to visit Aus? :O

      • It took me a few months to get my WordPress blog the way I wanted it. During that time I didn’t feel like blogging, cause I felt my blog wasn’t ready… And now I’m behind lol. First world problems, eh?

        I will be going in December! ^_^

        • Precisely! haha first world problems indeed ^^;
          Aw, I don’t think I will be going to either Aus or Japan in December…I’ll just read up on your posts when you blog about your trip then ^^

          • Aw… I wouldn’t mind visiting New Zealand, I’ve never been, but lets see! ^^

            • Well if you do plan to come here, we can definitely do something! Around Auckland or outside is fine too, I can drive here :>

              • I’ll be sure to let you know if it happens. 🙂 That would be soooo cool. ^^

                • Yess please do! You can reach me through my blog or…if you use LINE? I don’t really check my public facebook account much these days x.x;;