Shredded jeans for a windy day

It’s been such a dreary week of rain and wind, and the weekend was much the same. Despite the gloom of deep-set NZ winter, the bf arrived back in Auckland so we binged Jurassic World and Inside Out this weekend! Both movies were really good – and the short movie that came with Inside Out was the cutest and damn cheesiest thing I have seen this year.

I almost mentally threw up a little, but bf made a crude joke and ruined it. Should I be thankful? lol

Either way, I definitely recommend both movies. CG technology is so good now, the dinosaurs looked totally natural!

This look was based on the need for long pants to go with my a-line top, but wanting to avoid anything that I could remotely wear for work.

I somehow managed to squeeze my ass into these D.I.A jeans which Sera gifted to me from her 2014 fukubukuro. They’re size 35 which is what I should be wearing in terms of jeans (2 sizes down right?), except the shredded part just doesn’t have as much power and as a result, I’ve snapped a lot of the threading LOL

So far this winter, I’ve been going for a lot of dark colors and edgier DIA-esque looks, so I chose to tone it down a little by trying out creamier tones with an edge of cute. These jeans definitely kept the hint of attitude in my weekend though!


Shredded jeans for a windy day

Outfit breakdown

Top: Liz Lisa

Jeans: D.I.A

Boots: Timberland

Outer: Liz Lisa

Bag (in the background): Samantha Vegas