Grey skies flutter by

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit!


I’ve been working hard to improve my fitness, so I wanted to hold back on the outfits for a bit until I could see a clear difference.

That difference was realised today!


In mid 2014, I had a moment where I really loved up and coming NZ designer brands. One of the pieces I purchased was a versatile changeable skirt by x-plain (read about this purchase with more on how the skirt can be modified here).

At the time I purchased the skirt, I could barely fit in it. But I loved the skirt so so so much that I had to buy it – even if it meat I couldn’t really wear it because I can’t even sit down while wearing it LOL

So this skirt sat in my wardrobe for a year and a half, occasionally being pulled out to try on. At one point I remember I couldn’t even zip up the side 🙁

But now I can finally fit the skirt – and sit in it quite comfortably!


Man, it’s been a really difficult two months, but the exercise and watching my food has paid off. Not only am I fitter, thinner, and eat what is worth eating, but now I can fit the clothes I really want to wear!


The wind today was totally unbearable – at least 30kmph (which imo is a lot), which is why I chose this outfit actually. The greys and fluttery blacks fit the gloomy weather so well -___-;

Since it’s summer, I had my summer shoes out. These black studded platform mules were purchased several years ago at a boxing day sale – I rarely get to wear them now that most of my wardrobe is ‘cute’, but it works surprisingly well with the clothes I’ve recently purchased in neutral / washed out color tones!


grey skies flutter by - grey turtleneck crop knit with asymmetric exchangeable chiffon


Outfit breakdown

Top: Wild Pair

Skirt: X-plain

Shoes: Wild Pair

Necklace: Stolen Girlfriends Club

Watch: Obaku


I know the photo quality is shockingly shoddy. Will find a way to improve my photo quality asap!

  • David Wilson

    I saw the first photo of this outfit that you posted on your twitter,and fell in Love with it.I think the zipper on the skirt looks nice and the shoes are very pretty.I was wondering what was on the shoes.I thought maybe they were rhinestones ( are rhinestones even popular nowadays? I remember a popular song from the 70’s called Rhinestone Cowboy xD ) I see from reading the post that they are studded.The other cute things about this outfit are your necklace,your watch,and your bracelet. 30 kmph is alot of wind.I had to look that up because in the US we usually refer to wind in mph,or if you’re a pilot we use knots.I have learned as a pilot that wind can be you’re greatest enemy,particularly when you are landing and the wind is coming at a 90 degree angle to the runway ( called a crosswind ). 16 knots of crosswind is about all I can handle,if I don’t want my blood pressure to go up and the color to drain from my face,lol! The heavier your aircraft,the easier it will be to handle in the wind.I fly a light sport plane.If you’d like to see a picture of it you could google N21ZA.The best to you,Rina!! 🙂

    • It’s a really cool skirt aye!!

      Rhinestones are kind of popular, depending on the style. Onee gal fashion is still real keen on the rhinestones – with even rhinestones on stiletto heels! I have yet to purchase a pair of those…

      Yes, too much wind is dangerous! And running in high winds will give you a headache and a tummy ache, and you might catch a cold. All in all, it’s not worth running if the weather isn’t going to play nice. Running though, is far less dangerous than piloting in a plane in high crosswinds. Be careful!

      • David Wilson

        I have a quick story to share.Rin,I know you aren’t a christian,but maybe you can tell your mom about this and she might like it and I think you’ll find it interesting.I always pray right before I pull onto the runway to takeoff.Well,twice I was spared from incidences that could have led to a crash.The plane I did my training in ( N30LK ) had the engine fail a week after I had flown it solo as a student pilot.A defective part inside the engine broke and the pilot was forced to do an emergency landing in a field.Two people in the plane had only minor injuries,but the plane was written off as a total loss.with me not having a lot of experience at the time,I don’t know how the outcome would have been if it happened to me.Also,the landing gear broke one day during a landing just the day after I flew the plane.That was determined to be caused by a manufacturing defect in the gear casting.I think my prayers are being answered.Have a great day,Rina!! 🙂 Stay safe and enjoy Summer!

        • Lucky! I do pray and give my thanks too. Not in a Christian sense or in a particular religion’s sense though. After all, if there are higher beings they will hear it no matter how you speak to them is how I see it 🙂

  • Love the outfit! The skirt is super cute. ^__^

    • Thank you! Recently I’ve been leaning towards darker outfits with the gloomy weather (even though it’s almost summer wtf), So happy that this skirt was so fashion-forward it still looks fantastic worn now xD