Fluffy Potato Life

On Friday, I received my new DATURA items from BL at work! I was so so so happy even though people around me were like wtf what’s this bag and why is there super colorful stuff inside the bag 😛


Naturally, my first outfit in a while needed to be super full of gyaru vibes, so I waited (un)patiently until my DATURA got here to post this. Because work has been very tiring recently, I was totally sapped of energy to dress up or coordinate with the items I have had in my wardrobe all winter. Safe to say I am ecstatic to return with a super gyaru outfit!


The quality of the skirts were exactly as I expected. Even from looking online, I could tell that the printing wasn’t super fine, so I didn’t have high hopes to begin with. The dress however appears to be pretty good quality at first glance. I am so keen to try it on tomorrow if it’s not freezing.

But first, on to today’s look~





Outfit Breakdown

Top: Luxe Rose


Boots: Somewhere in Osaka

Outer: D.I.A

Bag: Forever New

Watch: Obaku



Are there any gyaru brands you’ve been eyeing for a while, but haven’t brought yourself to purchase from yet? One of mine is LUELU! Tell me yours below 🙂


  • That is such a lovely outfit! I am in desperate need of new clothes… I either have t-shirts, formal wear or super business attire… No in between! No going for lunch with the girls type of stuff… What has my life come to? I guess I live in my kickboxing clothes… lol XD

    • HAHA that used to be me!! Then I made the decision to pull out all of the ‘normal’ clothes in my wardrobe and donate them. To fill my wardrobe again, I told myself to only buy super gyaru clothes. Now i have either gyaru, or workwear (and very few workout gear). No in between :3

      Now the question is….do you dare? 😛

      • The good thing is, I don’t really have “normal” clothes, just no in between. I just need to make some investments ^^ (^_−)−☆

        • OH I totally misunderstood hahaha. Just dress up for going out to lunch! My opinion is that ‘in between’ clothes are the unnecessary ones because you’ll get lazy and end up just wearing those most of the time!

          • Luckily I don’t have lazy clothes! Those I got rid of years ago! XD

            I guess I just need more? Lol

            • “I guess I just need more” GIRL, THAT’S DANGEROUS TERRITORY hahaha 😛

  • The outfit is perfect ;u;<3 *saves the pic in my inspo folder* I love that Datura skirt and I'd get it in a heartbeat…if I wasn't unsure about the length. It looks amazing on you anyway. :3

    Mine is EmiriaWiz , but literally everything that I want is sold out and too pricey for my wallet. In the meantime , I'm waiting for a miracle sale on both EmiriaWiz and Rady webstores.

    • Thank you Soubi! ;w;
      The length is not as bad as I expected. The dress I got is much shorter, because I can’t even low ride it. If i wear the skirt from my hips, then it’s a good length – it just rides up cause my ass aint perky enough atm :/

      I’ve been staring at EmiriaWiz too!! The one thing I worry more about EmiriaWiz is sizing – it looks even smaller than DATURA. And the same for Michell Macaron holy heck the sizes are TINY! One day the sales will happen ;_; until then, we wait with patience…. </3