Floral gal

First of all, apologies for taking a short hiatus last week. There is a new project I’m on at work and it’s taking over my life lol. Things will get better by the end of next month though (hopefully) :3


Shortly after taking this outfit photo, I dyed my hair for the first time in over half a year!

Can you see the regrowth in the image below? It ends near my glasses 😛


Funny thing is that the lighter colored hair at the bottom was actually blonde that had been dye black a couple times.

I had to dye the lighter part extra, just to get it to pick up the dye T_T;


The color I have now is meant to be Premium Beige (Freshlight) but after three or so washes, it’s already turned slightly orange. I am planning to touch it up with some ashy colored dye and purple dye when my hair has had a little time to recuperate, so I’m ok with how it is for now :3





Outfit Breakdown

Top: Luxe Rose

Skirt: DaTuRa

Tights: Taobao (unknown store)

Shoes: Wild Pair

Belt: Offbrand

Watch: Obaku

This is the last item from my DaTuRa haul – which item from the haul did you like best?

  • David Wilson

    I like your burgundy sweater ( or top,I don’t really know what you would call it,XD ^_^).That’s a beautiful color that looks good on you! I think you could do a lot with it.I could see it looking good with jeans,dress slacks,or many different colors of skirts.Nice bow,nice hair,and the eyeglasses are a nice touch! Floral prints are always nice.Good sense of fashion!! 🙂

    • Hi David! Welcome back 😀

      Yes, this top is amazing because it goes with my weekend wardrobe but also perfectly with my work wardrobe too ^^ Thank you for your lovely comment and visit back!

      • David Wilson

        You’re very welcome! Perhaps I might have made it sound like I would disappear for a long time when I mentioned to you about deleting my YouTube account,but no..,I still enjoy reading blogs and sharing comments when I like something 😀 !! My decision to delete my YouTube was based on the fact that some people that left my church after a failed attempt to take over have been causing trouble online for people who still attend the church.There have even been some fake facebook,twitter,etc. accounts created using names of people who still go to my church and some things that are not very nice have been done! Some people,huh?! I do like the pictures and the subjects you post to your blog,so you may hear from me from time to time^_^.I guess I just have too much Love in my heart to not share it with people!! Lol! 欢乐,繁荣

        • I see… :L
          What a predicament!

          Glad to be hearing from you still! It’s alright about Youtube, I will post everything to my blog anyway 🙂