Day 30 | 30 Days of Gyaru Challenge

This is the FINAL post to the 30 days of Gyaru challenge!

Today’s challenge is:

Take a beautiful picture of you in gyaru


Ha——llelujah! An easy end to a long month of blogging!!


I don’t think I’ve ever released this many posts in 1 month. Ever!!


Yes, for those of you that have actually been following this month’s challenge day by day, I was late on a number of days. Even this last day of the challenge haha

Today’s task is actually not easy though!! That’s why I put it off for so long (together with the other difficult ones that require fresh photos).

After all, the reason I was drifting off gyaru to begin with is because I was so uninspired with what I have in my wardrobe, and makeup just takes so. much. effort.


Luckily, today I had the opportunity to attend the opening party for Kate Spade in T Galleria (rebranded from DFS Galleria), so I dolled up a bit!


It’s not a fantastic photos because I seriously cannot use iPhoto to save my life (basics of color in photography 101? Sign me up!)

But, at least it is a new photo of me in gyaru, right?


classic gyaru peace pose selfie
Classic gyaru pose?


I didn’t take a proper outfit photo today because I rushed out the door for work and…it’s a long story. Anyhow, I did take a few mirror photos with some of the bags I liked. Such as –


Thank you Kate Spade for giving me this reason to put on makeup and look kawaii hahaha


selfie with Kate Spade gift makeup pouch
Selfie with the gift item from today’s party :>



The launch party was legit interesting, so I am writing a separate post for it. Some of the things that happened just…. SMH x’D


  • David Wilson

    Ok,I read every post of your thirty day gyaru challenge..and thought every one of them was really interesting! Congratulations on completing the challenge!! It was nice learning more about you,because previously you were just someone that I would see leave comments on other blogs.It’s amazing the awesome people you can meet on the internet.You,in my opinion,are in the top two of the most beautiful gyarus I have seen!! I’ll keep it to myself whether I think you’re #1 or not 😛 Seriously,though,Rina the outfit you have on in this post can’t be improved upon.That’s my opinion of all your outfits that I’ve seen! You have been blessed with so much beauty that I think you could make even jean overalls,a flannel shirt,and a straw hat look good XD. 丽娜,美丽的女孩 🙂

    • Thank you for reading!! I have just 2 more posts to fill in and then it will be all completed xD

      Challenges are really good for getting to know someone aye! Even though the questions have to be specific, they range so much that I ended up covering a lot of topics. Especially since I go off on tangents frequently hahaha

      Haha I think the jeans / flannel / straw hat thing is common in a gyaru substyle – and is semi-trending too x’D

  • YOU DID IT OH MY GLOBBBB. Also you look beautiful and on point as usual~ <3 ikwym about feeling uninspired and lazy ahaha. -3- MAKEOVER DAY/NIGHT TO COMBAT LAZINESS. woo woo woo hype hype hype

    • Still need to fill in 2 posts BUT YES PRETTY MUCH X’D

      hype hype hype hype hype hypehype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype! x’D