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Farmers – Spring Launch

Early last month, braving the rain and winds, Roxy and I attended Farmers’ Spring fashion launch event! This is the second time I’ve attended one of their new season events, and it was so so much fun!

The spring season is full of geometric and boho prints, casual mix and match-able items, and lots of office-suitable clothing all of which I’ve got my eye on, since I’m graduating at the end of this year and my wardrobe has next to nothing office-friendly! (it’s all gyaru or various harajuku styles haha…)

The venue was very bright, spacious, and classy – a lovely haven away from the awful weather outside!

plugging another photo of these gorgeous marshmallows. I love food. Especially (pretty) sweets. Sorry not sorry :<

Below are some of my favourite pieces ~

Urban Precinct – some of the polkadots are sequined!

Urban Precinct – cool but still OK for work! *v*

Stella Lead Skirt

Principals. I really like how the mesh balances with the polkadot and daisies print

 This season has many daisy print items!

Izabel London Contrast Fabric Crop Jacket, Stella Day Break Top

Estelle Love Spell Jacket

Diana Ferrari Emerson Bucket Bag
Ok I took this photo for the heels (Salucci Collection Floral Print Heel) but I actually like the clutch at the back fml. Should have taken more photos.

Top: Xcesri Dahlia Flower Necklace, bottom: Xcesri Robin Statement Necklace Fuschia. Loving the bright yet not fluoro colors! *o*

Actually I saw similar styled statement necklaces on @minamelo1224‘s instagram and totally fell in love. Hope I can pull them off too!! >w<

They also have this silicone underwire bra new to the store (coming out in October) which hopefully comes in many prints because I wasn’t too fond of the print they had displayed. I can’t wait to try one on and see just how comfortable it is!! My underwire is constantly in battle with the top of my corset these days and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I’ve been getting migraines ;;;

If you want to check out little me giving basic nublet commentary and stumbling over sentences, check out the video that Farmers made!

Finally, big thank you to Roxy for holding items for me and helping me photograph!! QAQ <3 <3 <3

Screencap from the video haha. Thank goodness they took me from a good angle lol #vain


  • Everything is so bright! ^__^ Perfect for spring I guess, lol… I have winter now!