Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

This post was written late last year, but forgot to post it. The dates are referring to last year 😛

“If somebody created pumpkin hard candy, this is what it would smell like” is what I thought when I tested the Tool Cool for School pumpkin sleeping pack late at night for the first time.

The pumpkin sleeping pack was the most popular sleeping mask on the r/AsianBeauty Spring Holy Grail list when I was researching for my first AB haul. Being a lazy newbie to Asian skincare, I couldn’t be bothered looking too deeply into the options so I just took a quick look at the top three most popular sleeping pack products, and ended up purchasing the pumpkin sleeping pack. I also believe the food ‘flavour’ of this product may or may not have played a part in my decision to buy it. What can I say, I’m weak for food 😛

Product Review

The pumpkin sleeping pack has a nice moderate texture – kind of like a light cream. It’s slightly thicker than the Laneige water sleeping pack EX which I was using prior, but it doesn’t feel heavy both before and after application like the imselene bird’s nest sleeping mask.

In terms of scent, it has a pleasant light aroma that is slightly sweet – and very slightly pumpkin. The smell isn’t noticeable within minutes of application, so even if you have a strong dislike for pumpkin, this might still be alright to try. It’s EXACTLY what I imagine a pumpkin flavoured milk candy would taste like!

Price-wise, I believe it was fairly reasonable at around 25NZD shipping included – if it weren’t for the exchange rate, this would look so much more appealing.

Purchase experience

I purchased the sleeping pack from Rose Rose Shop’s eBay store (named Ruby Ruby Shop) for 12.91USD with free shipping. At the time, I didn’t really care about the price that much because let’s face it, skincare products are generally expensive as heck so as long as it was under $50, I wasn’t going to be too fussed on the price.

The order was made on the 14th of July, and arrived on the 3rd of August. This totalled a 20 day wait, which is right around the center of the estimate for EMS to New Zealand (1-5 weeks I believe?).

The packaging was, of course, perfectly safe like the last Rose Rose Shop purchase I made. This time, the bubblewrapping wasn’t excessive at all which I was quite happy about.

Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack unboxing
Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack unboxing. Sorry I can’t seem to rotate the image :/


The only thing that confused me was with regards to samples.


The leaflet included says that I should get samples. And one could argue, that the samples are only given if you are purchasing from their independent website. Fair enough, I can accept that. But they also labelled the package for customs as “$20 of Skin Care Samples”. Yes, a lot of shops do label their packages as samples but…..don’t label it as ONLY samples if you don’t include even a single sample lol >.>;


I also purchased an innisfree jeju bija anti-trouble cleansing gel at the same time from ebay seller i am love shop which I didn’t do an unboxing for, but their package arrived a week ahead of this one, and they provided samples, and so did f2plus1 so I don’t think there’s a general trend of ebay stores not giving samples. It’s just Rose Rose Shop.


All in all, I’m not dissatisfied with the purchase, but it would have been nice to get a couple (or even 1) sample with my order. There was so much space in that box!



Have you tried the Too Cool for School pumpkin sleeping pack or purchased from Rose Rose Shop’s ebay store? Tell me your experience with them in the comments below!