My Scheming Blackhead Removal Mask



I’ve been absolutely manic about skin peels the past three months or so. Basically every pay day, I will go out and get myself two products to try. The Asian products usually aren’t too expensive anyway – most of the items are about the $20 range so it’s thankfully a sustainable habit….for now haha


So far, I haven’t actually seen that much of an improvement. But I have been getting less potential-pimples. I used to grow many potential-pimples which are like the start of pimples, but they never grow into full pimples. So there’s just a bump that would lurk on my forehead for ages. I get very few of those now, and apart from the massive pimple I had on the side of my nose towards the end of last week, I hadn’t had a pimple in months either. I have discovered that my dry skin is acting up a bit, so perhaps I need to look into moisturising products now…


Anyhow, I became very interested in the (我的心机 – 黑头终结粉刺拨膜) My Scheming blackhead removal activated carbon mask when I saw this video on my Facebook newsfeed:



It looked absolutely fantastic right? The results seem crazy good and I HAD to get my hands on a set to try it out!


I talked to two friends who were also really into skincare, and was introduced to the Sexy Look blackhead remover set (super cute, the peel is pink!) which is a direct competitor to this product by My Scheming. Seeing as one of them had already tried Sexy Look and said it was “OK”, I thought I should take one for the team and try out My Scheming. Besides, the spokesperson for it is Ella (from S.H.E) and she looks hella good so why not?



I actually swatched all 3 products on my hand, but step 1 and 3 are both completely translucent and had sunk into my skin by the time I took this photo so all you can see is the black peel. The peel has a jelly-like consistency out of the bottle, and as you can see it’s quite thin.


size and swatches


When you use the mask, it’s important to make it a very thick layer so that when it dries, it will be easy to peel off and peels evenly. However, the more you put on, the longer it takes to dry. This peel actually takes about half an hour to dry so I hope you’re patient!


I thought the peel was of medium strength, and fair for its price and in terms of results.

This is in comparison with another peel I have – I apply more of this My Scheming peel, but it dries thinner and in comparison I probably have to use a little more of this peel with each session and thus run through this product faster. Both peels are around the $20 mark, and bring about some results. I think the biggest benefit of the My Scheming peel is that it is black – so anything you pull off is going to be pretty obvious when you look at the peel (compared to my other peel which is yellow/clear). However, even though I used the softener (step 1 in this blackhead peel set), it didn’t seem to open my pores much. As a result, although it looked like a lot came off, it was really mostly miniature hairs and perhaps about 2 whiteheads. There were still many left in my skin! In saying that, some of the peels I have tried in the past could barely get anything more than dried skin. And those were popular branded blackhead peels! So this skin peel still gets some brownie points for making a difference hehe


At least the peel comes off easily in 1 piece if you let it dry thoroughly. This makes the cleaning process far easier!


If you have large pores and a big blackhead/whitehead problem, this would probably be a great product to try out. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to do much for me until I find a more effective way to open my pores and bring out my little whiteheads :/




Have you tried this blackhead peel? Or do you have a go-to peel that you would recommend? I would love to hear your experience, or find some new products to try!